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We sum up June with one word: radical. This is transformation at its finest, no room for complacency. From the 4th there is a steady build up to the full moon eclipse (those scopes coming soon). Neptune is a potent influence here so expect dreamy, ethereal, mystical, romantic notions meshed with longings for ‘oneness’. I recommend meditation, nature, the sea, novels and candlelight interludes. There are other paths. Your job is to explore!

Then we have the rare (and I mean ‘rare’ as in this happened in 2004 and won’t again in our lifetimes) Venus ‘eclipse’ the Sun on the 6th. It’s major so pay attention. Ask what ‘happened’ in June of 2004! If you have planets in the mid-degrees of the mutable signs, circle them! Think ‘activations!’

Mercury ingresses into Cancer on the 7th which can have a calming influence if you focus on self-nurture, love and the care of others. Expect unconscious material to rise.

The big big big planet of luck, confidence and expansion, Jupiter, glides into

Gemini on the 11th so go look at where the twins are in your chart and note what’s going to go over the top for the next twelve months! I love this. Of course I do. I’m a Gemini!

The New Moon on the 19th in Gemini again which in my book makes it a ‘blue moon’ but apparently that saying came about from a typo in the farmer’s almanack a hundred years ago, so, who knows? But it’s amazing to have TWO Gemini new moons back to back. Again rare. What a month!

Sun into Cancer on the 20th is more internal, introspective and contemplative. About time! This is wonderful support to integrate all the revelations and epiphanies of the month so far. June 24th, Uranus square Pluto EXACT. It’s been building for months, lasts for years and yes, very intense. Go to your chart and note which houses are involved. Those are the areas of life that have to ‘work things out.’ But for all the tension, it’s a mother demon of a power source. Tap it creatively and fly!

Saturn direct on the 25th and we are counting the days for the exodus from Libra. Enough is enough. The direct motion will build momentum and things preciously stuck, esp around business and finances, start to flow. Mercury into Leo on the 26th is vital and audacious and showy. Fabulous time for self-promo and creative communication! Use it, and have a fabulous month! MWAHS xxx