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Venus Verticordia, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Astro Flash: Venus ‘occult’ or ‘transit’ the Sun @15 Gemini (see times below) brings together a rare and powerful image of the Sun (consciousness) and Aphrodite (the feminine and the power of love and attraction). Think allure, relating, consensus, diplomacy, art and creative expression. As these values are brought to light, ask where you can adjust, change and grow into more of who you are. Make a wish.

The ‘transit’ of Venus occurs once or twice a lifetime. This event today harks back to changes begun in June 2004. The next transit of Venus is in 2117. Check where is Venus transiting in your chart. What do you see coming to light?

Venus Rx ‘Transit or ‘Occult’ the Sun
Jun 5-6
LA. – Tuesday – 18:09
NY – Tuesday – 21:09
LON– Wednesday – 02:09
SYD – Wednesday – 11:09

We have another Venus Retrograde guest post today. It’s by my lovey and brilliant friend, Janette Dalgliesh. She’s a wonderful, insightful LOA coach with experience in astrology and Law of Attraction. Please welcome, Janette!

I LOVE the journey of Venus Retrograde! Not because it’s a gentle easy cruise, but because – for me – it’s a brilliant opportunity to get even closer to my true, powerful authentic Self.

Kim’s post on Venus Rx says “Take a moment to appreciate how far you have come and what you have learned”. She’s also said that this is a time when “things we thought were ‘fine’ are under review again”. And that can feel horrible!

In a former life I was a performer working in theatre and film.

At the start of my career, I hated the first night nerves which came with a brand new show. Will it work? Will they hate? Will it make sense? Will I screw up?

Soon I learned that stagefright was a powerful link to my passion. In the red hot moment, doing a good job mattered. That’s where the nerves came from; and they helped keep me sharp.

Stagefright became my friend – albeit one with teeth and claws – and I used her to inspire me to better and better work. I learned how to go on and do the show, even when my palms were sweaty and my knees a-tremble.

I nailed it!

So imagine my shock when I felt those old terrors rising again, at the prospect of teaching the first class of a new series to six people.

Surely I mastered this already? How can I be feeling this again? Six people are scary? I’ve played the main stage of Sydney Opera House!

Man, I struggled.

As a keen practitioner of deliberate creation, I know that my best shortcut to what I want is to find the better-feeling thought. My go-to technique is to ask “where is my relief?!”.  I wondered if Venus Rx could be the clue.

So I went back and revisited my old friend, stagefright, to see what she could tell me. And here’s what she reminded me:

  • things always worked out somehow, even if things went horrible pear-shaped during the show
  • they (the audience) were on our side; they were there to have a good time even if things went wrong (in fact, theatre audiences often LOVE it when things go wrong!)
  • even if I do screw up, I have the knack of making something good out of it
  • you know how to go on despite the terrors

And best of all, I remembered that stagefright always – ALWAYS – disappears about two minutes into the show, to be replaced with wonder and thrill and satisfaction.

This time, I was upping the ante. Instead of a large, anonymous audience I was about to face up to a small, intimate group. And instead of a script written by someone else, I was presenting my own material. I was being way more vulnerable this time around.

What I learned in the past was exactly what I need for this new experience. Making friends with stagefright back then gave me enough comfort so she didn’t overwhelm me this time around.

There is huge relief in going back and remembering the big picture view of whatever’s echoing down through the years.

If you catch something during Venus Rx that feels less than wonderful, where in your past can you find the pathway to relief in the present?

Thank you, Janette! And everyone, take advantage of her Pay What You Want in June. I know I will!