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The Pleiades by Elihu Vedder

Weekend Astro-Flash: Jupiter is gliding into Gemini (see times) but before the ‘greater benefice’ changes signs, he activates the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades stars clustered on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull. Rich with lore, this area of the zodiac is seen as a conduit, a channel for the awakening of knowledge and increased awareness. Are you tuned in?

This is especially significant this weekend as Jupiter/Zeus was the one, according to some versions of myth, who placed the Seven Sisters in the sky, to protect them from Orion (or perhaps from himself!) Either way, there is a connection there and we know that anything Jupiter touches he expands.

The Pleiades have a rich and diverse mythology. They are known for many things, daughters of Atlas, followers of Artemis, nymphs from the Amazons . . . and that’s just the ancient Greek side. Every culture has told stories about these stars, including our 21st Century notions of UFO’s and galactic channels and focal points. In horary astrology they are called the Weeping Sisters, a point of sorrow and letting go. Weaving in and out of all the mythology is a thread of magic and you only have to view the constellation with the naked eye to see why! Mesmerizing doesn’t begin to describe . . .

Under the constellation of Pleiades, they made the image of a little Virgin, or the Figure of a Lamp; its reported to increase the light of the eyes, to assemble Spirits, to raise Winds, to reveal secret and hidden things. – Cornelius Agrippa

So let’s use the magic of this weekend to assemble our inner guiding spirits and raise the winds of consciousness. What can you see now that wasn’t there before? What secret things are coming to light?

On another topic, Nadine Maritz had done an interesting interview on her My Addiction Blog. Some of the questions I’d never been asked before. Take a look, and if you have an answer for #10, I would love to discuss, there or here!

Happy Pleiades weekend, everyone! MWAHSxxx