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When we repress fear, we also repress success . . .

Abraham Maslow said that self-actualization was “the full use and exploitation of talents, capacities, potentialities. ” (Motivation and Personality, p. 150). He didn’t see it as a static state but as an ongoing process in which one’s capacities are fully, creatively, and joyfully utilized.

I think of the self-actualizing individual not as an ordinary person with something added, but rather as the ordinary person with nothing taken away. The average person is a full human being with dampened and inhibited powers and capacities. -Maslow

In astrology we assign Jupiter as the planet of expansion, the urge to be ‘more than’ we already are. As for the ‘dampening and inhibiting factors’, there we find Saturn. Keep in mind where these two planets are in your natal chart as I go through some ideas about self-actualization, and the resistance to it.

Resisting our greatest potential can be caused by Deliberate creator denial, the repression of unconscious fears. There’s a live call on this topic with me and Jeannette Maw over at Good Vibe University on June 13th. See times and dates for your location. It’s a free call where, all welcome!

As deliberate creators, we know vibration is everything. We get what we vibrate. Because we know this, we tend jump back from feelings of sadness, disappointment, anger, resentment. We want to pivot away from them and find a better feeling place. But . . .

What we resist, persists.

If we repress fear (Saturn) the unwanted vibe doesn’t go away. It waits deep in the unconscious, poised to rise again at the next opportunity (when we relax the vigil, take a holiday, or become exhausted or overworked.)

Important: Jung said that every aspect of the unconscious is seeking manifestation. You can also say thatevery planet in the chart is seeking outer manifestation.Every part of us wants to express, to live out.

Note: Saturn, among other things, represents the part of us that feels flawed, damaged, repulsive. It is our ‘shadow’ and we don’t want others to see it. WE don’t want to see it! To allow our Saturn the light of day, we usually have to ‘work very hard’ to become the best we can be in the area of life (house) we find Saturn because until our inner task master gives us the okay, we don’t feel worthy there.  Hence, Saturn can equal fear and denial, but when we release the judgments we have on ourselves in this area of life, then Saturn is conscious and we become more of who we are. This is what the alchemists were on about, turning lead (Saturn) into gold (consciousness).

How do we do this?

Step one  is gaining insight to any limiting beliefs/fears by putting awareness on what we resist. (I know this sounds antithetic  to LOA practices, but stay with me)

The idea is to expand (Jupiter) our awareness of thoughts and beliefs (Gemini). Here we go!

1) Set an intention to spot the repressed feelings

2) Make a list of your top goals

3) State them aloud.

4) Repeat this to see if any resistance arises.

5) Note what opposing thoughts or beliefs come up. You can also study where natal Saturn is in your chart and explore the meaning by sign and house to get an idea of what you keep buried, dampening your true potential.

6) You might come up with statements such as “I am afraid to fail”, “I can’t do it”,”I’m not good enough” or “It’s impossible”.

7) Work with these thoughts (resources below) until they lose their charge.This will involve feeling the fear without judgment before reaching for the better feeling thought.

Feeling ‘negative’ thoughts is what most LOA savvy people want to resist because we’re taught to ‘find a better vibration’ FAST! But, just because a fearful thought is denied doesn’t mean it’s not effecting our vibration. Denial isn’t a fast track to self-actualization by any means so put some awareness on what you resist so you can set it free!

Tips for releasing unwanted thoughts

Byron Katie’s The Work
Tapas Fleming TAT

Kim’s tips for intentions:

1) Start your day with appreciation
2) Set intentions to experience life and yourself without judgments
3) Use positive self-talk when starting something new
4) Focus on what’s going right
5) Remember you have instant access to infinite possibilities

Join in on this call or stream live online. It’s free and your input is most welcome. If you have a favourite way of releasing repressed material and limiting beliefs, I’d love to hear it!