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Astro-LOA Flash: Saturn, our ambition, form and structure, turns direct on the fixed star Foramen in the constellation of Argo Navis, the great ship. Foramen marks the keel, keeping us on course and  balanced. Expect forward motion to resume after delays and seeming denials. Set strong intentions. It’s clear sailing with a chance of discovery!

L.A. – Monday – 00:22
NEW YORK – Monday – 03:22
LONDON –  Monday – 08:22
SYDNEY – Monday – 17:22

This is much like the four of swords in the tarot where, in the Mythic Deck, we see Jason after completing construction of his ship, the Argos. It was a long and arduous haul but the work is done. Soon he’ll be sailing off for the golden fleece with Castor and Polydeuces, the Gemini Twins, Hercules, Orpheus and Theseus. Jason is surrounded by heroes, the ship is stocked up and the weather fine. Saturn direct can feel like relief, a major task done and the path ahead clearing. This is a time to celebrate the achievement so far, mark the milestone and move on from obstacles or limitations.  It’s time to relish the moment! (Remember obstacles are perceptions only!)

Objects, events, measurements and FACTS are modes of human perception, not attributes of the universe.Deepak Chopra

Think back to November 2011. What was happening then? Can you appreciate how far you’ve come? Projects that seemed ‘dead in the water’ then are about to get a move on! Celebrate that now!

Comment on what’s moving forward in your life so we can all celebrate it together! Happy Saturn Direct!