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Hathor and Seth

Venus, the planet representing love, (self-love) values, worth money, art and personal, socially significant one-to-one relationships, is turning direct after a long retrograde period in Gemini. Here are the times:

LA. – Wednesday – 08:04
NY – Wednesday – 11:04
LON – Wednesday – 16:04
SYD – Thursday – 01:04

To get the most out of what’s transpired over the last three months, think about what was happening from early April onward. That’s when the goddess of love first looked back. Can you see a pattern, a shift or a significant event?

You might also want to reread the guest posts on this topic, covering different aspects of the archetype of Venus, including Gifts from Venus Rx by Cate Frazier-Neely and Venus Rx Occult the Sun by Janette Dalgliesh.

The focus of today is on the most well known aspect of Venus, (otherwise know as Apphrodite, Isis, Hathor, Inanna and many other life-death-life goddesses), and that is love.


Are you ready?

I’m delighted to turn this topic over to a beautiful and healing Voice, one channeled by my lifelong friend and colleague, KerryLena. The message speaks straight to the heart. As you read ask, is this what’s I’m looking for?

Oracle Message on Love and Relationships channeled by KerryLena.

You are standing on the edge of a chasm looking across to the escarpment on the other side. You call out across the silent space listening for the echo. Now you hear your own voice, it is a weaker resonance of your original call, just an echo. This is an analogy of your search for relationship and for love.

The call of Love is from its pure Source, but what we experience is the echo of Love. We seek the other to be the mirror of ourselves. Everyone is, in love, seeks love, has lost love, cries for love, has given up on love, must be loved, and waits for love in multifarious combinations of repetitive scenarios.

We all recognize and identify with the great love stories told through the mythology of time such as Isis and Osiris, Krishna and Radha, Shiva and Parvati, Cleopatra and Antony and Romeo and Juliet, the Prince and Cinderella. We dream of achieving an eternal love of equal partnership, equal power and union of the feminine and the masculine, like the lovers of legends.  But what happens in our less glorified love of the day to day.

How does love survive the demands of the day, the bills to be paid, the children to manage, the demands of the job, the expectations of relationship? What appearance does love make in the ongoing tensions that operate throughout the full range of relationship experience?  What of love?

Is it a forgotten voice, buried beneath the interplay of emotion and stress? Does love survive?

Yes for Love is the magnetism, the positive and negative balance that maintains stability, the backdrop for the characters of emotion to produce their play. Loves gives space and is the perfect space.

The echo reverberates through space.

The seed for the pursuit of the other is the longing instilled in me, to open my heart, to feel the union of my heart with Divine Space. It is the longing to be touched by the gentle hand of perfection, to feel grace flowing through me dissolving my sense of I and me, just as at the instant of orgasm, I dissolve.

Once again there is only vibration, essence, exhilaration, ecstasy.

In all my unions, is this what I seek?

Is this what I receive?

Am I able to access this ultimate perfection with the Beloved in the form of my partner? Again, in the living of life with my companion, are we compatible? Are we able to be honest or do we have a mutual agreement to deceive, to deny?

Oh if only I could find my voice to be the caller and not the echo.

How is this possible?

It is important to shift your focus. The Beyond surrounds your lover. Shift your eyes to the Beyond.

Now you hold your partner in a true perspective. He/She is a representative of the Whole. All That Is comes to its full expression in the heart of your lover. Look to this seed buried within his/her heart.

And this is what you love.

Love, nurture, love and nurture this small seed. Allow it to grow as you would a small plant. Don’t overcrowd it with expectations, demands and destructive emotions.

Give it space, allow. Allow light to bath it in your love’s glow. Water it with your tears of self-sacrifice as you root out all your selfish agendas.

The echo carries distortion; the original voice carries pure sound.

As you love the true heart of your partner the current of love between you becomes cleaner, truer, more pure. The current flows as One, in union, without beginning or ending, charged, the negative and the positive poles balanced, magnetized, bonded together.

Is this what you are looking for in Love?

* * *

Thank you,  KerryLena!

Everyone, look to where Gemini is in your chart, particularly 7 degrees. What echos of love do you hear there? Are you glimpsing the true Voice? Comments welcome and happy Venus direct!