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An Emerald Tree Boa , 18th century – Artist unknown

July opens with the sun in Cancer, the sign that corresponds to the Cobra in Gaelean astrology. It represents the principal of Water, the unconscious inner world – life giving, emotive, and sensitive. The Water signs are psychic sponges of the zodiac, taking on the energy of the environment. (Give thought to where you put yourself!) The natural seat of the Cobra is the 4th house (home), ruled by the Moon (feelings). As the sun opposes the slow moving, dominating Uranus/Pluto square, it triggers the transformational energy, bringing repressed feelings and situations to the surface. Think, better out than in! Cobra is about shedding old skin and transforming into the next most awesome version of YOU. Remember, you get to choose your perspective here.

On the 3rd of July, Mars finally moves into Libra after an eight month stay in earthy, analytical Virgo. The focus now is on making choices you’ve been mulling over all year! The full moon in Capricorn on the same day creates contrast between emotional security and ambition. Nest vs. life mission. Start thinking And/and not either/or! On the 13th, Uranus turns retrograde, continuing to charge the square to Pluto. This is your cue to float downstream on ALL issues. Fighting against anything you don’t want is gasoline on the fire. You’ll see more creative results when you move towards inner peace. Ask what feels better? Note: This is really about you and YOU. No need to drag anyone else into it!

The single most powerful thing you can do is get right with yourself! -Jeannette Maw

Along with Uranus Rx, Mercury in Leo turns retrograde on the 15th. This is the perfect time to hold all creative projects lightly, let things ‘rest’ and ‘settle’ as you go out and have fun. The more you can ease up on the reins and consciously choose play over push-work-struggle, the better. Whatever is going on, FUN is your most supportive response. Go have some.

Mars triggers Uranus/Pluto square  the third week of July. If you can take a holiday, perfect. If you plan to present projects, debate options or stake your claim, do so in your highest Zen manner. Remember, consciousness is everything. Whatever you are experiencing ‘out there’ is the result of an inner belief. Check in on those. Use this powerful time to better understand who YOU are, not what ‘they’ are up to! Ask, how can I relax and let go?

Sun into Leo on 22nd with Jupiter releasing some of the Uranus/Pluto intensity means big ideas to turn your life around. Jot them down. Best not to action until Mercury goes direct on August 8th or even better yet, Aug 22. If you want to initiate something sooner, do so with a clear intention that things will go as you desire. (If you are redoing anything, it’s fine to start before Aug 8! July winds up with Venus (values) harmonizing with Saturn (structure), a lovely time for balanced expression of intimate feelings as well as making financial or career plans. Nice!

Have a fabulous month, everyone!