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First up, the Astro Flash: The Sun is on Sirius, the Dog Star, a brilliant white and yellow binary sun. In ancient times connections to Sirius were associated with fortuitous events that lead to a more enriched life. Think boldness, vision and prosperity. Grasp today the inclination to dream beyond your usual scope. Expand, believe, prosper.

Next, a quick update on my most amazing techno-witch demanding cascade of events regarding my electronic delivery devices . . . namely my computer, my server, my techi dude . . . okay. I intend for easy resolutions to these kinks in my online vibe! Expand, believe, prosper. Right? Thanks for your patience. If you aren’t getting quick responses from me, or a promised reading, update, etc, it could be a while longer. I’m using a computer from the paleolithic era. Like the sign says, stand by, please!

Finally, Singing the Dog Star Blues is a fabulous YA novel by the brilliant Alison Goodman. Check it out, and enjoy your Dog Star day!