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Uranus is turning retrograde and will travel backwards from 8 Aries 32′ to 4 Aries 37′ over the next 155 days.

URANUS RETROGRADE Jul 12 – Jul 13, 2012
@8 ARIES 32′
LA – Thursday – 23:45
NY – Friday – 08:45
LON – Friday – 07:45
SYD – Friday – 16:45

URANUS Direct Dec 13, 2012
LA – Thursday – 02:49
NY – Thursday – 02:49
LON – Thursday – 10:49
SYD – Thursday – 21:49

Why is this significant? Let me count the ways . . .

Uranus represents qualities of experimental and forward thinking, humanitarianism and the desire for space and freedom. This is where we find our ‘vaulting outside  the box’ originality and willful, rebellious tendencies. The symbolic retrograde motion can coincide with intensification of these energies, leading to interesting times of change. Knowing where this energy is ‘happening’ in our inner landscape can give us a feeling of empowerment and choice in the outer world, as opposed to ‘why is this happening to me?’ Feel the difference? Healthy and open-minded encounters with the qualities of this planet can be empowering, enriching and growthful.

This chart shows how the Rx illusion works- basically if the planet is closer to Earth (geocentric view) and slower it appears to stop and go backwards.

While Uranus is traveling in its apparent backward motion, Pluto, the planet of powerful transformations and deep psychological change will be tightly linked in the ‘square’ aspect. Think of this as opportunities cleverly disguised as detours, roadblocks and curve balls. From the right perspective, this represents pure gold. If you’re not feeling it, your looking at it from too close a range!

Here are some tips based on where Aries is in your chart. You can read your sun sign (which shows where Aries is in the solar chart) as well as the actual house the early degrees of Aries occupies in your natal chart. If you aren’t sure where that is, follow the tutorial steps or ask for help in the comments. I or another astro savvy reader will help you out.

AriesARIES/Aries 1st house: The area that’s ready for change is appearances, actions and initiation tendencies. You could be up for a full makeover! Find ways to create balance between your longing for independence and your drive for career, mission, profession. There’s room for both.

TaurusTAURUS/Aries 12th house: Revelations in the area of compassion, understanding, intuitive knowing and inner guidance are mind blowing at this time. Your biggest task will be to find ways to translate, articulate and pass on the knowledge that you gain. Trust the source, completely. Dream!

GeminiGEMINI/Aries 11th house: Friendships and inner circle groups are where  the fireworks go off so be ready to take sudden left turns. There will be a changing of the guard if old associates no longer match the new you. Let go and move on. A friend surprises you in more ways than one!

CancerCANCER/Aries 10th house: If your career is challenging you like never before, be glad. This is where the gold is buried. Expect surprises when dealing with the public. The challenge will be to find balance between your external creative life and your relationship world. Not one over the other.

LeoLEO/Aries 9th house: The door to expansion is open and you’ll have the opportunity to visit distant horizons, taste foreign foods, dress spectacular and meet strangers from afar. The key will be to bring all your exotic experiences back to your everyday life. Find a way to make the ordinary extraordinary!

VirgoVIRGO/Aries 8th house: Creative transformation and deeply intimate experiences are on the cards. Quite possibly they will disrupt your status quo big time but the key is ‘no resistance’. You want to merge energies for a greater goal be that artistic, passionate or enlightening. Just let go.

LibraLIBRA/Aries 7th house: Change in ‘relationship’ may have been going on for a while now but the cat’s out of the bag and there’s no going back. See this ending/beginning as creative, every connection leading you to a deeper understanding of Self. There’s time for both home and life of the party.

ScorpioSCORPIO/Aries 6th house: Your everyday world becomes an adventure novel as you encounter all kinds of unexpected opportunities and challenges on the way to the gym, corner shop or vets. Allow for everything to stir! This isn’t time to smooth things over but release, express and purge. Cut loose!

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS/Aries 5th house: Romantic notions do a spin as you discover new things about what you desire and who you desire them with! The element of friendship is essential! This is a time to let the inner child out so find ways to play, explore, laugh and express! Set points go through the roof!

CapricornCAPRICORN/Aries 4th house: The home life is up for change as you seek balance between your connections to others and your authentic Self. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to move, remodel or renovate. Think of what really wants changing. A new kitchen is fine but do the inner work too!

AquariusAQUARIUS/Aries 3rd house: Don’t be surprised if your communication style becomes a bit more bombastic. You’ve a lot to say and it’s better out than in. Barriers to self-expression come tumbling down. Make sure you have plenty of ‘me’ time, and a place to dream. Psychic abilities are off the scale.

piscesPISCES/Aries 2nd house: Areas of life likely to have wide swing pendulums are possessions, finances and your core values. You’ll be coming up with extremely innovative plans. The place to sort out is the house of friendships. Make sure the people around you resonate with your heart.

If you are feeling apprehensive at all in the area of life where you find the first 4-8 degrees of Aries, it might be helpful to recall Deepak Chopra‘s words.

Objects, events, measurements and FACTS are modes of human perception, not attributes of the universe.

If you need more support here, start with What Obstacles! Viva la change!

PS If you have Aries/Libra intercepted in your natal chart, all the more focus on that ‘hidden’ house!