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Hi everyone! I find it fitting to be a week late with the August tips seeing that Mercury is only just going direct today!  But like attracts like, and I am here now!

There is a strong theme this month of growth, expansion, change and awareness. We have wonderful opportunities daily to see more, be more, feel more. Just setting that intention can change your life! Try it

The full moon in Aquarius on Aug 2 was gorgeous and we have another on Aug 31 in Pisces. On August 7th , Venus ends her long passage through Gemini and enters Cancer. You may notice a subtle shift away from intellectual fickle flirt fun to connection with security, compassion and comfort. This is a big month for emotional sharing.

Mercury direct on the 8th
can coincide with the release of stuck energy so note what house that’s happening in and support conscious change by ‘doing’ that area of life. If you need help working that out, here’s the tutorial. Still need help? Message me on this thread. Get ready to clean up your act in your LEO sector, now!

Aug 15th sees Venus opposite Pluto square Uranus so relationships and values trigger any ‘toxic’ aspects of your life. Whatever you have been ignoring or repressing, get ready to release the Kracken. Better out than in!

Aug 17 is the New Moon in Leo. Set your intentions and expect to see quick results. If you’ve been clearing and decluttering emo rubbish building up to his new moon, its going to be a magnificent clean slate!

Sun into Virgo on the 22nd is the perfect time to get your detail minded side in the driver’s seat. This energy supports being analytical, taking a course, understanding yourself better and nutting things out. It’s not license to be self-critical though. Think Self-love, Self-love, Self-love. If you aren’t sure how to be kinder to yourself, start a Self-Love thread and I am sure Jeannette and others will jump in with suggestions and support. Me too!

Mars goes into Scorpio on the 23rd
and there is a feeling of empowerment. Mars is much happier, the assertive and action planet now in a more natural environment than Libra. Get ready to express some issues you’ve been sitting on because it didn’t seem ‘nice’ to say at the time.

Aug 31 is the Full Moon in Pisces. Whatever intention you set on Aug 17, it’s likely to be showing you some answers or progress now. This is a time to reflect on appreciation, compassion and connection to all life.

Enjoy! xxxKim