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One of the most important planets (symbol/archetype) in the chart is Mercury. Why? Because it gives us a clue as to how we think. (And any deliberate creator knows that thoughts are key to manifesting what we want to experience.) As Buddha said, ‘All that we are is the result of what we have thought.’

Mike Dooley says it like this: Thoughts become things. 

I heard this idea first from one of my formal astrology teachers, back in 1971. She was an elderly mystical woman who learned her stuff in the 1920’s and 1930’s. I can see her standing in front of the class, closing her eyes and saying, ‘Energy follows thought. Understand your Mercury and you have the keys to the universe.’

I was sixteen at the time and didn’t fully appreciate this wisdom. I was more interested in boys (action with) and therefor thought Venus and Mars were the most crucial planets to follow. Of course, they all have their significance but for now, let’s look at Mercury as key to amping up our deliberate manifesting skills.

Think of what it means to be the messenger of the gods. Mercury flies between Mt Olympus (heaven/spirit/source/vortex/universe) and the earth (our ego identity/personality) carrying MESSAGES to and from. These messages, these thoughts, are the building blocks, the DNA as it were, of our tomorrow. If we want to create something, a happier life for example, we can look to Mercury in the natal chart. What sign is it in? What element, modality and orientations does it have? What are the aspects (outlets and channels)? Study Mercury to understand your own mind, bring awareness to your habitual thoughts, become more conscious, and find ways to focus on thoughts that support you in your uniqueness.

For example, Mercury in the fix sign of Taurus, in the 9th house of ‘beliefs’ and square Saturn and Pluto might get caught up in the ways of the current cultural paradigm and become dogmatic or at least so opinionated that it would be tricky getting any new messages in. By studying this position we find ways to support a healthier Mercury (mind/consciousness/connection to universe) and open the doors to a happier, more deliberately manifested life.

If someone has such a Mercury and wanted tips on improving their manifesting skills, I might recommend engaging in 9th house expansive activities that open the mind yet appeal to the sensual and comfort loving Taurean nature and don’t directly offend the powerhouse Saturn/Pluto hierarchy. I might suggest they try a fabulous new ethnic restaurant, go to a foreign film or pinterest amazing places around the world. Get the idea? Deconstruct your Mercury to see how you can become even more consciously aware, tuned in and enlightened. We all have, in our unique way, a personal messenger of the gods. It’s the energy that fuels creation! How well do you know yours?

Aug 20/21, I’m doing a call at GVU with Jeannette Maw on Manifesting with Mercury. We’ll take a look at how we can amp up our power to turn thoughts into things. Bring your trickster along! If you want me to use your chart as an example, make sure I have it on file or post a link to it here in the comments before the call. Let’s talk Mercury! See you there!

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