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Da Ah Kim – Nightwalker

September is a beautiful month as Mercury glides into a place of dignity, the earthy sign of Virgo. There are things to do to support the keen mind and vibrant, sometimes nervous vibe. Number one is MORE exercise. See your body as a finely trained race horse. Do not keep it cooped up! Get outside! Get moving! Go wild! This is also a time to rethink what you feed your body. Spot the difference between cravings and addiction (if your body is saying all it wants is sugar, caffeine and alcohol, you might want to go on a detox and ask again after). Just watch for snips of criticism, towards you or others. Bring in the feeling of non-judgment for total relief!The North Lunar Node goes into Scorpio (Rx) and puts us on a more intense, intimate path. Spring fervor?

Venus into Leo on the 6th is regal, alluring and extremely charismatic. Where is this happening in your chart? Talk about getting what you want! You’ve got the power there.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 16th is linked to Pluto turning stationary direct. It’s a good time to recall events from May 2011 and Dec 2011. What was stirred up then will resolve, evolve or dissolve. Let them and remember to support yourself in these changes. That Uranus/Pluto square we talked about a few months ago is exact again on the 19th but vibing all month. It would be good to spot the areas of life touched off and put energy into growth, deep pruning of old branches and fertilizing of the new shoots.

The sun into lovely Libra on the 22nd is a cornerstone of the year, activating the Zero degree Aries Point in everyone’s chart. So vitalizing! Full Moon on the 30th in Aries adds spice. If you want anything right now, it’s adventure. The more impossible your goals, the better, especially in your Aries house(s)!

Namaste and have a wonderful month, everyone!