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Philosopher in Meditation by Rembrandt

In less than a month, Saturn will leave the sign of Libra, his place of exaltation, and move into Scorpio. A new era! But wait. What many don’t know is that outer planets like Saturn often leave their biggest message as they exit a sign or house. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to reflect on what this transit has meant. What has the wise taskmaster gifted you these last two and a half years? What synchronicities?

I found this old post I wrote when Saturn was about to enter Libra. It’s a good starting point for reflection.

Notes on Saturn into Libra:

Saturn makes things real. He is the scaffolding on which we hang ‘existence’, the bones and joints that hold up our physicality, the beams that keep the roof over our heads. He represents paradigms currently in place, the ‘consensus reality’ of a given culture or group. As lord of boundaries, ambitions, and responsibilities, his entrance into the sign of Libra means some cultural beliefs will be examined, and all goals, relationships, aspirations and possibilities will be assessed, tested for authenticity and restructured where necessary.

Saturn is exalted in Libra and that tells us something about our relationships–that a creatively expressed Saturn energy can bring out their BEST!

To experience this, Saturn needs to be understood. Think of him as the task master, symbolizing a part of us bent on overcoming fears and becoming everything we can possibly be. To do so, he may push and prod us towards individuality, encouraging choices that authentically reflect who we are NOW. (remember, it is US that is doing the pushing and prodding. Saturn is symbol or this inner dynamic!) As individuals, Saturn teaches us to be responsible for our own feelings and actions, allowing others to take responsibility for theirs. What he offers in return for this realization is a distinct and powerful sense of self, integration and grace—and the tangible manifestation of our desires, particularly in the area of life being transited. (House)

If this area is an INTERCEPTED sign, even more opportunity to identify our needs, wants, desires and authentic expression comes to light.

Thoughts? Insights? Saturn for me has been in the 2nd house and my relationship to my sense of worth, value and $$$ has changed dramatically, especially in the last few months! It has been an amazing process as I start to reflect and then look forward to my 2nd Saturn return to my 3rd house!

Comments welcome as always!