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Moreau – The Dead Poet Borne by a Centaur

Daily Astro-LOA Flash: Eros into Sagittarius today is all about expanding horizons and exploring the unknown . . . with another! This is where we desire widespread goals for the future and the space, energy and enthusiasm to live them out creatively. Spontaneous, exuberant, adventurous and fickle, Eros here prefers contrast to predictability. Buckle up!

LA – Thursday – 13:29
NY – Thursday – 16:29
Lon – Thursday – 21:29
Syd – Friday – 06:29

Sagittarius is the moment…made into an arrow…shot at tomorrow’s heart!–Dane Rudhyar

What a tremendous time for expanding the parameters, limits and boundaries of our intimate relationships! With Eros in the sign of the archer we can begin to traverse the unknown horizons of the heart in new and exciting ways!

This ingress into Sagittarius could bring a friendly, outgoing, trickster-like flavor to social interactions of all kinds, and although Eros is Eros, erotic encounters may at least begin with a breezy countenance. Consider where Sagittarius is in your natal chart. What house and planets are activated? What is waking up?

Sagittarius is about a FORWARD THRUST of energy that takes us to the edge of new terrain and beyond. All idle, complacent or stagnating unions and creative projects are going to receive a BLAST of energy that gets them moving!

The primary motivation ruling force for Sagittarius is the “need to understand.” For Sagittarius, life is a grand, marvelous adventure to be experienced and lived to its fullest. With Sagittarius, options and possibilities are endless.Dr. Z

Eros in Sagittarius is capable of tremendous spiritual, mental, creative and psychic transformation, once past a few contrasting thoughts – loss of space, the need to adjust and compromise, the fear of relationship which might mean loss of control . . . all contribute to some moments of hesitation.

However, once the potential for erotic union and/or creative discovery is seen as an adventure into unexplored realms, nothing can hold this Eros back. No sign is as capable of seeking the divine through erotic intimacy quite so fervently as Sagittarius unbound. Once past his fears, he is unstoppable. Find in your chart where this adventurous fire is, and unleash it!