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Healing Energy by Rita Loyd

The natal chart is an atlas of wellbeing, vitality, authenticity and awareness. Yes, all that! The signs of the zodiac, the planets, Sun and Moon and their interconnections at the time of birth mirror the one being born. Think of it as a symbolic map of your unique energy signature. By looking at the natural expressions and contributions of each zodiac sign and planetary placement, we get a glimpse of our own brand of authenticity — what feels ‘right’ to us. And believe me, if that authenticity of soul doesn’t match our upbringing, parental approval, cultural and social norms, loved one’s expectations etc, we may have repressed or resisted ‘our true Self’. When that happens, the body – mind – spirit alignment get out of balance and we feel ‘dis-ease’.

From this perspective  . . . illness is a message that something in life is not right and needs adjusting. –Howard Sasportas, The Twelve Houses

When we listen to our bodies, we are tuning in to a primal guidance. The body is our first contact with ‘reality’ — what’s perceived as ‘out there’ — and it responds with incredible honesty. This is why body language is so telling! It can’t lie. It can, however, respond to what we believe.

If we say we are dead tired, spun out, going to catch the flu, not strong enough, fat . . . retarded (how politically incorrect does our self-talk get?) guess what? The body LISTENS to us and complies. If we say we are fit, strong, perfect shape, vibrant. . . the body LISTENS and complies. Realize that messages go both ways!

The messages from the body are straightforward but the motivations can be complex. The body mirrors what we tell it, what we really believe and what we were conditioned to think. These messages show us what is unconscious, repressed, resisted, not lived out, and what the payoff might be.

Example: We may want a smoking hot body but if we say, ‘I’m fat and unmotivated’, we reinforce ‘fat and unmotivated’. Then again, if we say, ‘I’m looking good!’ things are going to change asap. Suddenly we are  looking good (pretty much instantly) and ‘things’ begin to happen. This is where things get interesting. If we wanted the smoking hot bod to feel more confident in our intimate relationships or to attract a new love interest, the mind set of ‘I’m looking good!’ is going to start to attract romantic attention BUT IF underneath that desire for hotness is an unconscious fear of relationship, the body will self-protect and default back to fat and unmotivated. (Unconscious desire trumps conscious desire in this instance).

What to do?

1) Know thy Self (awareness)

2) Listen (awareness)

3) Allow balance of mind-body-spirit by releasing resistance (awareness)

Where do we get this key ingredient of awareness? Meditation, walks in nature, connecting to inner joy and peace, doing what you love, amping up self-love, experiencing compassion all support greater awareness; the astrological chart, as a map of wellbeing, pinpoints it!

Astrologically, ease and dis-ease are related to the signs of the zodiac starting with Aries (the head–headaches) to Pisces (The feet–foot/locomotor problems). Each sign wants to express energy in a healthy way but if we resist, repress or deny that sign, the energy kinks and the body ‘carries’ the message for us to see.

Example: Aries wants to be the boss, and Aries rules the head. If you get headaches, you can look to where Aries is in your chart (what house = what area of life) and start taking more control there. Headaches then disappear because you are tapping into and expressing your own authenticity! The message was read and the energy unkinked.

Think of the body as energy mid-way between the ‘worlds’. On one level we have conscious thoughts (mind) on another we have unconscious thoughts (body) and on yet another we have our higher, universal or source energy (spirit). Astrology can help us get these aspects of Self into alignment for a happy and carefree physical existence. The starting point awareness. Begin by listening to your brave and wonderful vessel today.

Tomorrow’s Call: I’m doing a free call on this topic with Jeannette Maw from Good Vibe University: Align with the Stars: Body TalkRelating to Physicality

If you want me to use your chart as an example, make sure I have it on file (double check) Email me with your chart in the body of the email or send your date, time and place of birth before the call. See you there!

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The vital life force of the human body gives, receives and conducts energy according to its innate nature described by the signs of the zodiac.  The free flow and authentic expression of that energy equates with an ongoing state of health and wellbeing.

AriesARIES = head, face, fever

TaurusTAURUS= throat, expression

GeminiGEMINI: = thoughts, breath, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands

CancerCANCER= breasts, stomach

LeoLEO  = heart, upper back

VirgoVIRGO = upper GI, digestions

LibraLIBRA = kidneys, lower back, endocrine system

ScorpioSCORPIO = lower GI, reproduction, endocrine system

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS  = hips, liver

CapricornCAPRICORN = bones, knees

AquariusAQUARIUS  = ankles, circulation

piscesPISCES = feet, pineal gland, lymphatic system