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The full moon in Aries is wild, rapacious, willful and seductive. If that sounds like a love interest in a paranormal romance novel, I’ve hit the mark. Really, this is along the lines of Vampires Gone Wild (and that’s not because I’ve just finished writing a novella for this Feb 2013 release!) Well, maybe a little . . .

Why so wild? In three words, Cardinal T-Square! This is a configuration that links Moon conjunct Uranus (breakout the repressed emotions and purge) opposite Sun (put some consciousness and power in it) square Pluto (deep, primal transformations and eruptions). You can see, this is were any sub-personalities repressed in the basement are going to break their chains and come blasting through the floorboards. It’s so creative!

Think of it as your chance to ALLOW your denied feelings and thoughts a presence and RELEASE them. (Part two – release them) is as important as part one! See Notes on Deliberate Creator Denial and also check out my thoughts on Vampire Evolution while we’re on the topic, just in case you are about to ‘release the Krakan’.) If you have any Cardinal Sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) planets near the 7 degree mark (0  – 15) pay extra attention to all the messages, synchronicities and encounters you attract this weekend! Hints and tips below.

L.A. – Saturday – 20:20
NEW YORK – Saturday – 23:20
LONDON – Sunday – 04:20
SYDNEY – Sunday – 13:20

AriesARIES: The warrior awakens in the heart of your relationships. Whatever you’ve been sitting on, holding back or denying in the realm of intimacy and union is going to erupt full force. See this as a release of pressure and a chance to get yourself correct. ie authentic. Ride the wave to a new shore.

TaurusTAURUS: While others swirl and dip and dive around you, find a quiet sanctuary where you can release the old and embrace the new. This might be a quiet stream or woods, a kitchen garden or perhaps the peace engendered by immersing in ritual routine like de-cluttering, cooking, walking the dogs. Find peace.

GeminiGEMINI: This Full Moon is going to rock your creative world. Tell me you have an outlet! Throw yourself full force into your artistry and allow the daemons to escape the confines of your mind. Put them down on canvas, paper, craft and feel the Muse rushing through you. A friend turns out to be wonderful support.

CancerCANCER: Pan is in your sign and triggering this lunation. That means the four pillars of life are up for examination: Self awareness, home and family, career, relationship. Is there balance and accord in these areas of life? Use the wild and daring energy to shift old patterns, release grudges and invite new thoughts.

LeoLEO: A restless Full Moon has you pacing the floors. Get out! Get moving! Find ways to burn adrenaline (run, swim, sport, spar, gallop, adventure, explore)! You’ll feel cooped up and cranky if you don’t. Stimulate the mind as well with lively debate, foreign films and new concepts. The more you open, the more you evolve.

VirgoVIRGO: This is not the weekend for nutting out financial concerns or laying down the law re other people’s debts or obligations UNLESS you have not been able to express your truth. In that case, you cut through all the strings with clarity and strength. Meanwhile, appreciate what is going right in your life. Refresh!

LibraLIBRA: This is your birthday Full Moon, poised to get you up on your high horse and out into the world. Heed the call to freedom as you ride undaunted by the past, others expectations or your own fears or doubts. There is strength and conviction in the air. Tap into it, lift your sights and head for the horizon! Wild one!

ScorpioSCORPIO: All the little details of life could get tangled around your feet, tripping you up if you’re unaware. The trick is to SEE things working out exactly as you want them to even before they show signs of compliance. There is only one person directing these events and that person is you. Use your voice!

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The most romantic weekend in ages IF you clear the air and let go of limiting beliefs. This doesn’t need an audience and actually works best when happening in the privacy of your own mind. Lift your thoughts, hone your awareness and be willing to see with new eyes. Once set, you are in for the time of your life!

CapricornCAPRICORN: The tug-o-war between home life and career, mission, profession is about amplify unless you get out your sword and cut the Gordian Knot. Slice through the ‘shoulds’ ‘cant’s’ and ‘don’ts’ until you are down to the pure awareness of your own truth. This is where your choices stem from. Choose empowerment, every time.

AquariusAQUARIUS: If you’re concerned you might let the cat out of the bag this weekend, consider it premonition. There is something on your mind and bottling it up is not going to get you further along the path. Use this potent energy to speak your truth, stake your claim and rewire your mind for better living. Now!

piscesPISCES: If this Full Moon has you focused on money and finances, take a deep breath and dive a little deeper. What talent or resource do you have that’s aching for development. THAT’s where you want to muse, welcoming the daydream of living more of your life to the fullest. It all begins with a thought, a new intention!

Have a wonderful Full Moon everyone! MWAHs xxxKim