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Temperance by Jerry Minor

October begins with the Warrior Moon activating your inner champion. What does this archetype look like to you? (Check the sign and house placement of your Mars for hints) Amazon? Achilles? Athena? Aries himself?

Tap into your powerhouse resource and find ways to express your strength, nous and your ability to lead.(Check tutorial – Find Transits and Points – to find Aries in your chart, the full moon activation point)

Jupiter turns retrograde as well giving us all a chance to regroup. The key word is ‘restore’ and you can look to your Gemini sector (from 6 to 16 degrees) to see where this rejuvenation is taking place. Note: Jupiter is the principle of expansion. It represents the energy that takes us to new, unexplored horizons and opens the doors to confidence and optimism, two major ingredients in living life fully and joyfully (Jupiter = Jove!).

Also this month, Saturn moves into Scorpio to begin a whole new 2.5 year cycle of focus. I’m discussing this on the 25th for the monthly Align with the Stars call. We’ll cover the transition of Saturn into Scorpio, from subconscious drives to new empowerment, secrets, sex, sarcasm and self-talk. The idea is to amp up awareness, release resistance and leverage this hone manifesting skills.

Note, as Saturn enters Scorpio, it forms a ‘mutual reception’ with Pluto, a springboard for exploring the unconscious and releasing resistance in all it’s forms. (Mutual reception occurs when two planets are transiting each others ruling signs at the same time. ie Saturn is in Pluto’s ruling sign of Scorpio and Pluto is in Saturn’s ruling sign of Capriorn) More about this on the Oct 25th call!

Mars into fiery Sagittarius is going to be building up exploratory energy all month. The theme is ‘don’t fence me in!’ Ask how you can expand your life, mentally, physically, emotionally. The New Moon in Libra on the 15th is perfect for setting fresh intentions around relationships of all kinds. On the 18th, Mercury enters the Rx zone (for a Nov 6 turnaround). The theme is ‘energy follows thought.’

These events pave the way for Venus into her own sign of Libra AND Mercury into Sagittarius on the 28th. It’s expansion and enthusiasm amp up time! We’ll be looking at the world through a new lens. (Not feeling it? Exhaustion is a sign of a ‘wrong for you’ goal) The month wraps up with a Full moon in sensual, pragmatic Taurus on the 29th. Fabulous!

Feel free to share your insights and experiences in the comments!