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Everyone, please welcome Linda Jonson, an Evolutionary Astrologer, friend and colleague who has kindly offered to share her views on the planetary nodes. Watch and learn. She’s brilliant at this!

Let’s expand the scope of astrology by reaching out beyond our solar system into the Great Cycles of the Astrological Ages. Every zodiacal archetype is evolving through the Natural Law of the Trinity: the past, present and future. Just as the current life Moon evolves by way of the dynamic tension between the South Node (past) and the North Node (future), the same is true for all of the planets. The Planetary South Nodes represent the history of each individual’s past lives with their specific memories and dynamics. The Planetary North Nodes show us the next steps for evolution.

The Natural Law of Evolution that keeps us moving towards the future is symbolized by the Pluto paradigm in Evolutionary Astrology, the “karmic signature” made up of Pluto (past Soul desire) and its polarity point (current Soul desire), the Lunar Nodes (past/future) and their rulers (facilitators). All other planets with their own North and South Nodes reflect specific needs and desires for the purpose of evolution.

The Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move very, very slowly over great lengths of time, and therefore they are in the same sign for everyone on the planet. The Nodes of Pluto change signs every 2,000 years and they take 24,000 years to go around the zodiac (one Astrological Age). The Nodes of Mars spend 4,000 years in three signs, while the Nodes of Mercury and Venus change signs every month.

The South Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for everyone describe the transition from the Matriarchy to the Patriarchy that took place at the end of the Capricorn sub-age of the Age of Cancer around 6600 BCE. The North Nodes of these planets in Cancer for everyone describe evolution toward nurture and care for the planet, and for each other. When natal planets aspect the Collective Nodes, the nature of the Astrological Ages and their sub-ages have been directly experienced by the Soul and are conditioning the Soul’s consciousness in the current life.

That is why the Pluto/Capricorn transit 2008-2023 and the Uranus/Pluto squares from 2012-2015 are so momentous: they draw upon the collective memories symbolized by the Planetary South Nodes. They touch every Soul on the planet moving us beyond the conditioning patterns of conformity to consensus reality (Capricorn), and re-aligning us to matriarchal principles in absolute balance with Natural Laws and Nature (Cancer).

Note: You can generate the planetary nodes here for your natal chart, transits etc.
Example: South Node Venus Leo – Natal Venus Taurus – North Node Venus Cancer

Archetypal dimensions of South Node Venus Leo. To understand the past conditioning that created the reality of Venus in the lifetime of Di, we look at historical cycles such as the Age of Leo –10,970 to 8,810 BC – massive global warming; astro- and geo-mythical associations to lion-headed deities, beasts, kings and queens, sun worship, gold. Past conditioning patterns: absolute creative self-actualization, self-motivation, strong will, power and conscious narcissism.  The Soul shone at the centre of its own created universe, expressed with no sense of limits, and needed to receive fundamental positive and supportive feedback.

How the prior life dynamics of South Node Venus Leo linked to, shaped and conditioned the current life Venus in Taurus. As the past interfaced with the present moment the creative frictional stimulation brought about a transformative potential.  The high resistance to change built pressure which needed purposeful and creative release. The limited Taurean vision was enlarged through     the creative Leo self-expression that radiates out.

How Venus in Taurus was being evolved through the North Node Venus Cancer. A core desire to relate to self and others as emotional beings.  Touching, holding, merging emotional energies, nurturing, empathy, and gentle words of reassurance built a strong base of security and stability for self and others.

The combination of all of these evolutionary forces. Relationships expressed creative self-actualization, self-reliance and emotional security. The expansiveness of past conditioning (Leo) enlarged the limited capacity of the current life Venus, gave it more value and meaning (Taurus), while building a base of emotional and physical security (Cancer).

Thank you, Kim, for this creative and sharing opportunity on your blog!

It’s a pleasure to have you, Linda. Everyone, I am sure Linda is open to questions and comments. Please feel free to jump in! You can connect with Linda on her Facebook page and learn more about Evolutionary Astrology here.