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Angels and ministers of grace defend us.
Be thou a spirit of health, or goblin damned,
Bring with thee airs from heaven, or blasts from hell,
Be thy intents wicked, or charitable,
Thou com’st in such a questionable shape,
That I will speak to thee.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Listen to our free call – The Secret Life of Saturn where Jeannette Maw and I go into much more detail about Saturn in your chart. Free to all! NOTE: Saturn is in Scorpio for another 6 months (going into Sagittarius until June 2015, then dipping Rx back to Scorpio until September 2015.

As Saturn, the planet of maturity, form, structure and ‘reality building’ glides into the sign of Scorpio, it forms a *mutual reception with Pluto, god of the underworld. This is a powerful symbol, a springboard bringing the unconscious to light and releasing resistance in all it’s forms. In other words, dropping the deliberate creator denial. How? One way is to listening to the messages coming your way  –  via synchronicity, body talk, projection, events and dreams – be they from ‘spirit of health’ or ‘goblin dammed,’ because either way, the messages are from YOU, for you I’m not calling you a goblin; I’m saying, it’s time to listen without judgment. When you do, you open the door the the secret life of Saturn which means, the golden age, the cornucopia, the transformation of lead to gold.

There are two things to get clear on with this transit so you can read messages, the metaphors and synchronicities that participate in your life. 1) Understand Saturn’s intentions. 2) Appreciate Scropio’s MO. These tips will get your started:

1) Saturn intentions: Saturn is a part of us that demands authenticity. Where Saturn is, we want to get things right, be successful, individuated, feel accomplished and build something tangible. Saturn is so into this that he’s actually pretty freaked out about failure. It IS a big deal, to Saturn. (To that part of you). Because until self-actualized, Saturn represent a part of us that feels flawed. It is our ‘shadow’ and we don’t want others to see it. We hide this aspect of our life in secret because to fail would be too big a blow. There isn’t an over abundance of worthiness and self-esteem, at first. Hence, Saturn can equal fear and denial, but when we release the judgments we have on ourselves and develop in this area of life, then Saturn becomes conscious and we become more of who we are. This is what the alchemists were on about, turning lead (Saturn) into gold (consciousness).

To summarize, Saturn’s intention is embrace the maturity it takes to turn lead into gold in the area of life described by the HOUSE he falls in, as well as by sign and aspect.

2) Appreciating Scorpio’s MO: Scorpio represents transformation—the cycle of creation, destruction and re-creation that goes on underneath the calm exterior of this complex and focused sign. As a fixed water sign, energy is drawn in from the environment, then stored for future use. (All the water signs are like psychic sponges, soaking up the forces around them.) The rulership of Pluto, the god of death, and Mars, the god of war, hint at the passion, force and ultimate power contained within this sign. More than any other symbol in the zodiac, Scorpio represent the mystery of how one thing can become another.

The natural seat of Scorpio is the eighth house, the domain of sex, death and transformation. Like the three symbol’s of this sign, there is an erotic (of Eros) majesty and a mortal transformation implied. The scorpion has a lethal sense of self-preservation and is equipped with poison for survival. The Eagle—which esoterically rules water as it soars through the boundless sea-sky—represents the visionary side of this sign and the power to fly close to the sun (spirit). The phoenix stands for the transformation that Scorpio is capable of, rising out of the ashes of its own funeral pyre to become more than previously known.

Where we find Scorpio in the horoscope is where we need to experience life in the extreme. It is where we need to merge our energy with others to create something ‘more’. This erotic merging can not transpire until we have severed our umbilical ties with the past. To this end, Scorpio is about the enticement to leave the juvenile ties of dependency so that we may form adult-to-adult relationships. Scorpio, who’s most ancient symbol is the serpent, says ‘bite the apple’.

Saturn in Scorpio until October 2015: Put the two together and you have Saturn’s drive for consciousness expanding through the Scorpio domain where the Phoenix rises, the Eagle soars and the scorpion’s poison, like Medusa’s blood, turns into a life giving, life transforming elixir. Where is this happening in your chart? In your life? Let’s talk about turning some lead into gold!

And for inspiration, here is Joseph Campbell on ‘Becoming an Adult‘, right up Saturn in Scorpio’s alley.

And everyone is welcome to listen to our call – The Secret Life of Saturn where Jeannette Maw and I go into much more detail about Saturn in your chart. Free to all!

*NOTE The mutual reception occurs when two planets are in each others ruling signs. In this case, Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto, and Pluto is in Capricorn the sign ruled by Saturn.