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Prep for an intense, magnetic and magical month the likes of you haven’t seen all year. It begins the Mercury turning retrograde on the 6th. Just think serendipity a la The Three Stooges. Seriously. You have to laugh, because there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. What there is a point in is being reflective, investigating your motives, asking what any ‘hang up’, slow down, snafu or hitch in the get-along is actually ACCOMPLISHING for you. At first you might want to shout ‘nothing!’ but I promise underneath it all is a message or desired results. Use this time wisely and find what lies beneath. It’s mostly in Scorpio after all. Dig deep!

L.A. – Tuesday – 14:57
NEW YORK – Tuesday – 17:57
LONDON – Tuesday – 22:57
SYDNEY – Wednesday – 09:57

NOV 26
L.A. – Tuesday – 14:46
NEW YORK – Tuesday – 17:46
LONDON – Tuesday – 22:46
SYDNEY – Wednesday – 09:46

Hint: Look to where 18 Scorpio and 4 Sagittarius is in you natal chart to hone you detective skills. What is the message there? (THIS –>video tutorial teaches you how to find your rising sign, or any house cusp or degrees in your natal chart)

Neptune direct on November 11th, a 0 Pisces, reanimates any projects or ideas started in February 2012. Take notes, think it through and be ready to sign contracts or launch exciting new creative kittens in December. No need to rush and try to ‘make it happen’ before then. No forcing it.

The Solar Eclipse on the 13th is the first eclipse of the month and highlights the 21st degree of Scorpio. Spot where that is in your chart so you can identify the house and aspects linked to this major celestial event. I’m devoting an entire call to the eclipses this month, so tune in for more details coming shortly. Basically this is a ‘super new moon’ and it’s going to be an amazing energy to set potent intentions for the future. You may not necessarily act on them immediately, but talk about pre-pave! Chiron turns direct the next day so cue up a fresh direction for something initiated back in June 2012 for maximum results.

Mars goes into Capricorn on the 16th, in the sign of his exaltation, a power position and resource for focused work and production. I love this! (but then, I have Mars in Cappy so it’s my once every two year Mars return, yay!)

Venus into Scorpio AND Sun into Sagittarius on the 21st lights a warm and friendly campfire, but things aren’t really going to flow super fast until Mercury turns Direct on the 26th (and I would make it more like early December, after the hot zone Lunar Eclipse on the 28th!) The snake will shed it’s skin! Note where 6 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius is in your chart for clues of what, when, where and how to let go over this full moon eclipse. Big changes!


L.A. – Wednesday Nov 28 – 06:46
NEW YORK – Wednesday Nov 28 – 9:46
LONDON – Wednesday Nov 28 – 14:46
SYDNEY – Thursday Nov 29 – 01:46

L.A. – Tuesday Nov 13 – 14:09
NEW YORK – Tuesday Nov 13 – 17:09
LONDON – Tuesday Nov 13 – 22:09
SYDNEY – Wednesday Nov 14 – 09:09

To sum it up, this is a month for observation, awareness, pre-paving and thoughtful, unhurried actions. Enjoy everyone and let us know in the comments what you are up to.

The monthly call is EARLY to help everyone prep for the eclipses and Mercury Rx:

Align with the Stars – with Kim Falconer and Jeannette Maw November 6, 2012

Mercury Rx and Eclipse Magic

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 55514# (use 1# if prompted for pin)
Or stream at: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/55514

LA – Tuesday Nov 6 – 2pm
NY – Tuesday Nov 6 – 5 pm
LON – Tuesday Nov 6– 10 pm
SYD – Wednesday Nov 7 – 9 am

See you there! Namaste! xxxKim


PS Everyone, in answer to caitlinmowbray758 in the comments, the best way to look at the eclipse, or any transit event, is to plot it around the natal chart, just as you would in a synastry (when comparing the charts of two people).