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"Arrows of Time"

The Weekend Astro-LOA Flash highlights Neptune turning direct with the words allow, allow, allow . . . and to exemplify the experience, I though to share an excerpt from Arrows of Time.


Here Maudi, by the entrance.

I can’t see anything.

You never could see well at night.

So it’s not just because I’m dead?

I don’t think so . . .

Rosette wanted to sigh. She felt the sensation, like an exhale, a wash of relief, but she had no physicality to perform the action—no way to express it. I don’t know how I’m going to get used to this, Drayco. This non-corporeal state.

It’s temporary, Maudi.

I hope so . . . She wanted to wrap her arms around her familiar and squeeze him tight until his tail lashed and she risked a swipe of his massive paw. She wanted to erupt into deep belly laughter and feel her heart pound against her breast bone. She wanted to cry, letting the well of emotion overflow from her eyes. She couldn’t do any of these things and the realization caught her head on.

I’m dead.

Maudi! Think of what you can do, not what you can’t.

For example? She knew her voice sounded sulky.

Think of the freedom.


Finally you can keep up with me.

There it was again, the desire to laugh. But she couldn’t laugh, or sigh or cough or smile, or touch or hug.

Find a reference, Maudi. A point of entry,her familiar suggested.

He was so practical. She loved that about him. An astrological reference? Like what sort of transit this might reflect?

Exactly. Drayco looked in her direction. I’m guessing Neptune?

She exclaimed but no sound came out. Of course! Perfect! Neptune transiting in opposition to my sun. That’s it. You’re brilliant. She felt her energy whirling about like a dust devil stirring up leaves. Neptune rules the sea, a place where there are no boundaries. In Neptune’s world all the sharp edges, the lines that distinguish one thing from another, are blurred. He’s the god of immersion, the god of dance and ecstasy, boundless love and union with the divine. The god of enchantments and also deceptions. She felt laughter welling up from some deep place of awareness. I know I’m meant to let go of attachments and identification with material ‘reality’ but this is a twist I didn’t count on.

An interesting one, don’t you think?

Very. Neptune makes sense. Everything is dissolving, melting away so I can see who and what I am without the props. Great goddess of the woods, I never thought of my body as extraneous. This gives me a new perspective on consciousness.

Indeed, me too . . .

To experience Neptune’s gifts, we have to dive into the sea and feel ‘life’ in a completely new way. No resistance. No pushing against. Where is Neptune transiting direct in your chart (at 0 Pisces – here’s a video tut)? What house? Aspects? Any revelations of consciousness there? Let us know in the comments!