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WEEKEND ASTRO-LOA FLASH: The Grand Trine this weekend between Ceres in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is an invitation to Ananda, the awakening of bliss consciousness. This is the ‘great and gateless way‘, reached by a thousand paths. It opens again and again to an infinite expansion of joy. Love. Appreciation. How to walk through? Find one thing, just one, and take a moment to truly feel your love for it. No ‘buts’. No maybe’s. Just love. Ananda awaits.

Why not take a moment to find where this trine is in your natal horoscope? You can follow this tutorial to create your chart online, and this one to find any point or house cusp. You’re looking for 0 -2 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in your chart. Those houses are the areas of life to engage this weekend, to awaken to this path of bliss.

The meanings of the houses are deep and rich with metaphorical and literal content but here is a quick list to get you started.

1st house – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life
2nd house – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind
3rd house – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting
4th house – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground
5th house – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance
6th house – Health, pets, daily routine, magic
7th house – Socially significant relationships, contracts
8th house – Sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust
9th house – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW
10th house – Career, mission, profession, public relations
11th house – Friends, goals for the future, groups
12th house – Unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states

Take a holiday from the rapacious race of life and walk in joy. Talk about good for the soul!

Let us know what you find in your chart, or if you need any help.