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‘Her Only Friend the Moon’ by Alexander Jansson

Full Moon Eclipse (see times below) is nigh! This is a point of release, expiation, where old emotions are purged, projects completed, plans come to fruition. Think back to Nov 1993 and the six months after for hints as to what may come to light.

LA – Wednesday – 06:46
NY – Wednesday – 9:46
LON – Wednesday – 14:46
SYD – Thursday – 01:46

The intensity of the days surrounding the event depend on where in your chart the eclipse takes place (and how willing you are to feel you feelings!) and if there are any personal planets linked. Find the houses were 6 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius are and ask, what is ripe for harvest here? What can I express? How can I move forward? You decide!

Note also that Mars (god of war) is conjunct Pluto (god of death) in Capricorn (form and structure). Note where 8 Capricorn is in your chart as well. What’s transforming there?

Comments? Thoughts? Feel free to share them here!

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