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sylvia-ji-shapeshifter-black-elk-500x500Welcome December, 2012! It all starts out intense in the wake of the last November lunar eclipse. Remember to circle the middle and the end of December as ‘epiphany points’ of awareness and awakening. There is a lot to experience, like taking in the chase scene in an epic action thriller. You’ll want to enjoy this ride!

The first week of Dec hosts a dreamy Moon trine Neptune, supported by Mars and Venus, god and goddess of love and war. Relationship contrast leads to expansion. That’s your mantra! The month is fiery. You don’t hide your spirit in a cave. Outward, upward, onward! Big, bold, majestic!

Mercury into Sagittarius on the 11th makes for bold, brash and utterly frank conversations. If your skin is thin, Spartan up! Uranus in Aries turns direct on the 13th, (New Moon in Sagittarius too) the date of my next Align with the Stars call. We’ll be talking about the Galactic Center, 2012 and all the who-ha-press-we-are-in the midst of. Check the Calls and Appearances page for details. (that link will be live shortly)

Venus is into Sagittarius on the 16th. Talks about relationship, plans for the future, authentic values and creativity can get over the top. Let them! This is about expansion, direct emotional honest. Hold NOTHING back and remember, the watchword is FREEDOM.

The Sun into Capricorn in the 21st marks the Solstice, (new intention hints coming soon!) mid-summer in the southern hemisphere and mid-winter in the north. It’s a time where feeling run deep, and the best support is to get practical and notice what is YOUR responsibility and what is NOT. Most of it is NOT. Think about that.

Mars moves into Aquarius on the 26th. Check where that is happening in your chart so you can call on your warrior energy there (mine’s in the 6th house of health and well-being, and you can bet I am starting a (more) intensive weight-training program then!

Full Moon on the 28th opposite Pluto. Scopes will be up closer to that date.

Meanwhile, enjoy the daily and weekend Good Vibe Astrology Astro-LOA Flash, or join us on FB. Updates on the GVA site coming soon!

For support on keeping an open, empowered, loving vibe in the midst of potentially contrasting family gathering and rising emotions, stay tuned. I’ll be posting and linking on this topic!

Happy December, everyone!