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Being in two places at once isn’t as hard as it sounds—not since Huge Everett’s Many-Worlds Theory became widely accepted. The MWT resolves inconsistencies in physics by describing a universe branching with every choice, seeding countless parallel worlds where different events occur. Being aware of multiple ‘realities’ simultaneously isn’t a big problem either. It happens all the time, a skill enhanced in certain individuals throughout history, particularly witches and, believe it or not, web surfers.

For centuries, witches (shamans) have journeyed to ‘other places’ while part of their awareness stays ‘behind’. This is a similar model to the now common practice of surfing the internet. Most scholarly investigations agree, online experiences take us to another world that is filled with an array of meaning and purpose. The World Wide Web uses metaphors that support this spatial awareness—we talk in chat rooms, we visit sites and home pages, we surf the net. Cyberspace is a ‘place’ where community can develop over time and while we are ‘here’ we are also somewhere else.

Test it: Are you in the 11th House Blog community right now, or sitting in front of your computer? (Watch Bashar’s take on shifting perspectives/realities.)

We can learn to hold our awareness in two places at once but handling the transitions takes practice. Here are some tips for keeping multiple ‘realities’ smooth and seamless.

Tip 1: Set Clear Intentions: In Arrows of Time, some of the characters experience parallel universes. For example, n one world Nell lives alone in a cottage at the edge of the woods. In another, she is High Priestess of a thriving temple. In yet another world she is hunted, her life under constant threat. She reinforces her sense of Self in each ‘reality’ by setting strong intentions—focusing daily on who she is and what she wants to achieve. Pre-paving helps too!

Tip 2: Awareness: This is the power of deliberate thought. We can practice by becoming conscious of how we shift through our ‘multiple-worlds’ every day. Astrology becomes a BIG support here as we see which planets are activated in which area of life: Work (Sun – Mars?), home (moon/4th house?), online (Mercury/Jupiter), off line, social or alone (Venus/Asc/Desc?), different ‘worlds’ bring different aspects of the Self to light. By putting awareness on this process, we develop the ‘muscles’ that will help with larger challenges—like parallel universes.

Tip 3: Accoutrements: Our self-image helps to ground us, be it an avatar, user name, skill or attire. It’s like putting on a different ‘hat’ for each job. In Arrows of Time, for example, Nellion Paree wears priestess robes and is bonded to a temple cat named Torgan in one world. In another, she dresses for the hunt and is linked to three ravens. In yet another, she lives in shadows, hiding from the trackers. Having different attributes in multiple ‘realities’ can keep the mind clear and transitions smooth. (think how strongly linked or ‘wardrobe’ is to the Ascendant. As we identify with different aspects of the rising sign, we have different awareness of ‘who we are’ and what ‘reality’ we are in.)

Tip 4: Perspective: From a great enough perspective, the many-worlds are one fundamental and seamless unity. Back to the Arrows of Time reference, think of it as different ‘Nells’ belonging to a singular ‘I’. From this place of ‘I’, there is no ‘out there’, only consciousness. That greater perspective is a guide, keeping sub-personalities (planets) from fragmenting, and allowing for a higher state of being. For example, if you have Venus square Uranus in your natal chart (a tutorial on the aspects coming soon!) one part of you may align with closeness and relationship (Venus) and another part may align with freedom and autonomy (Uranus). If these ‘parallel worlds’ aren’t part of your ‘I’ perspective, they will split, expressing in one or the other (freedom or closeness) as opposed to a fuller perspective (freedom AND closeness). Make sense?

To what degree are you aware of the many-worlds in your life? Can you see an astrological connection? If you read Arrows of Time, did you relate to the shifts between realities, or fine them confusing?  Comments welcome!