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Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 7.06.33 AMHi everyone, glad to see you all made it through the solstice and much talked about ‘line up’. ๐Ÿ™‚ Since I’m in debunk mode, I wanted to offer a few words on the YOD that is currently in transit. 1) it’s a cool aspect patter. 2) It happens often with various planets year after year, and 3) it holds no greater, or lesser, import than any other aspect patter, like the T-Square, Grand-Trine etc. Really, all is well.

You can leverage this energy though, for your own personal growth and awareness. Here’s the skinny!

YOD Astrology 101: The the current YOD pattern (see the image above) between Jupiter (inconjunct) Saturn (sextile) Uranus is a symbol of activation and awareness. (If you aren’t sure how to read the glyphs to follow along, this tutorial will get you on the path). The YOD highlights the houses (areas of life) where you find eight degrees of Gemini, Scorpio and Capricorn in your birth chart. If there are any planets ‘there’ as well, those energies get a boost too.

Think of the YOD, or any aspect pattern, as โ€˜table legsโ€™. Pick up one leg of a table and what happens? All the other legs come up too! In this case we have Saturn (consolidation, authenticity, focus) sextile Pluto (intense life transformation) and they are both inconjunct Jupiter. ie a YOD, or ‘finger of fate’. What does it mean? Basically, If you pick up the Saturn leg of the table (focus, concentrate, build, strengthen) you will automatically get Pluto’s leg (transformation, change, shed old skin). And, because Jupiter is the point or โ€˜fingerโ€™ of the YOD, you get Jupiter’s leg as well. It is then up to Jupiter to process and express the synthesized energy of the other two.

That means through Jupiter, ie having an open mind, laughing more, expanding your perspective, doing things that are fun and exciting, walking the talk, and taking yourself to new territory, out of your comfort zone, you will drop old habits, renew your goals and be more of who you really are, underneath all the ‘armor and facade’.

Talk about a boost of confidence!

So, check where this pattern is in your natal chart, note the houses, and ‘do’ the activities that most support this awakening. You decide how this is going to go, and remember, Jupiter is Jove. Joy! Giddy up!

If anyone needs help finding where these points are in their horoscope, post your birth chart in the comments. I, or another astro-savvy member of the 11th House community, will help you out! I’d love to hear how you are all leveraging this energy!