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Searching for this source. Anyone recognize it?

Searching for this source. Anyone recognize it?

Hi everyone, I so appreciate all the lovely comments and energy you’ve been sending me. Thank you so much. I feel blessed, and comforted.

Here is the lowdown for January. There are some wonderful aspects coming up, starting with the New Moon in Capricorn (see scopes)! On the 11th of January, there is a strong blast of energy in your Capricorn house. Set strong intentions around the area of life the house represents. (If you aren’t sure where that is, follow the video tutorial to find is in your natal chart.)

With Venus newly into Capricorn, she squares Uranus on the 12-14th – a blast of fresh air into any and all relationships. Expect truth, insight and change. Jupiter squares Chiron, the planet of ‘hero energy’ on the 15th, amping up our audacity to achieve. Key words are ‘infinite possibilities’.

Sun conjunct Mercury on the 18th activates the tail end of Capricorn, a place where we can get a little judgmental with our thoughts. Turn the mind this week to ‘disciplined study’ and leave any critique, self or otherwise, at the door. From the 23rd to the 26th, Jupiter is activated, opening the door to feelings of confidence and fun. Ask, what am I doing, just for the hell of it? A breezy attitude takes the cake. Sun into Aquarius on the 20th feels like a whole new ball game. Definitely fly the freak flag!

The Full Moon on January 26th is in Leo! It is linked to Saturn (get serious, make a plan, focus focus focus) and Uranus (screw the plan, wing it, fly by the seat of your pants. You can do one, the other, or both. You decide! Rounding out the month, Jupiter goes direct on the 30th. Think back to September-October 2012. What projects were on the boil? What did you set aside? Things might be moving forward, full steam ahead now! The 31st sees Moon trining Venus then into Libra – sweet! Take this time to appreciate everything going wonderful in your life.

Have a glorious January 2013, everyone!

Namaste xKim