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January 16, 2013 Daily Astro-LOA Flash: Asteroid 3811 Karma is conjunct the Draconic South Node until early February – perfect support for amping up awareness of your path. How? Start by noticing where you are headed and how you feel about it. Are you engaging in fresh new starts or hashing out old concerns? Living repeating patterns in health, relationship, career, or entering new territory? Visualize your journey now the way you want it to be. Ask: What has changed since April 2012? What hasn’t? What’s next?

I’m bumping this post below to put some attention on asteroid Karma again, and give us all a chance to see what’s changed since the last Karma/South Node (tropical) conjunction. Your thoughts are welcome! Note: the Draconic South Node is always on the Zero Degree Aries Point (0 Libra). Read more about that here . . .

Asteroid 3811 Karma is a main belt asteroid discovered Oct 13, 1953 by Liisi Oterma, a Finnish astronomer at Turku Astronomical-Optical Institute. She discovered over 200 asteroids and three comets, an inspirational women.

In the astrological chart it can be related to ‘consequences’, not in an ‘ouch’ way, but as in results. It’s interesting because ‘Karma’ is conjunct the South Lunar Node (tropical) at 6 Gemini this week. My take on the daily Astro Flash March 30, 2012:

. . . Through meditation and stillness, the old event comes to life with new meaning. You can vision it differently now, with creative outcomes and fortunate connections. The key is not to dwell; appreciate the beauty and move on.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails and posted questions on this asteroid so I thought I would muse a bit about it here.

Those who have my book Astrology and Aptitude – How to Become What you are Meant to be can read a short delineation. One way to get to a deeper understanding of 3811 Karma it to look at the origin of the word Karma. It is Sanskrit, from KARMAN or KAROTI, which means “to do” or “to work”. KARMA is a word and we attach meaning to it in the context of what we know, the usual being gleaned from Hindu or Buddhist “consequences of a person’s actions. Fate. Destiny. . . reaping what you sow.”

But, the word originally referred to the simple act of doing. In taking of action we have the RESULT, the consequences which will change our destiny (what we are creating in our lives.) NOTE: Karma isn’t the destiny, it is the action that leads to our ‘path’ as we walk it. We are deliberate creators. We decide. And with each thought, new worlds come into being.

In this sense, asteroid 3811 Karma is, by house, sign, aspect and transit, about ‘doing that which must be done.’ In the chart there is a kind of fulfillment, a ‘rightness’ when we activate that area of life. When the asteroid is activated in synastry (by another person’s placements) it can be that “the work or actions” of another trips our destiny switch. Being around that person when they are ‘doing’ their Karma could at times bring an epiphany or turning point. A realization. It’s a two way link that joins action with revelation.

Has anyone seen this in chart comparisons or by transit?

My natal Karma is 22 Gemini conjunct Mercury in the midst of my Gemini stellium so it’s hard for me to put my finger on it. I do to myself often things like, ‘I have to write! I have to teach!’ Perhaps there is something of the ‘doing’ that motivates my Mercury energy. I know a lot of clients and friends, and readers, that have personal planets very close to my Karma/Mercury. Interesting!

In a quick look at synastry charts I noticed that Amelia Earhart (who I did intensive research on for a case study many years back) had Neptune at 21 Gem 33. I was doing at lot of work (Karma) on her mysterious (Neptune) disappearance . . . The town where I have worked harder in my life than anywhere in the past for 20 years has Jupiter exactly opposite my Karma! And BIG results!

Looking at synastry contacts is very interesting. As in, ‘Will they be ‘hard work’? lol Seriously, as deliberate creators, we wouldn’t want to think that!

Thoughts? Where’s your asteroid Karma, and where is this Draconic South Node – 0 degrees of Libra – in your chart? Check the tutorial and ask if you need help!