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GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmMagical Astrology
empowered Deliberate Creation!

 The doors are open to
learn the language of the universe . . .

Hi everyone! Happy Jupiter direct, and welcome to the launch of our new Astro-LOA training ground. 🙂

The Rave: World class astrologer Kim Falconer teams up with Law of Attraction master Jeannette Maw to bring you Good Vibe Astrology: LOA friendly guidance from the stars.

Get on board with your divine nature! Recognize your worthiness. See your perfection. Love yourself unconditionally.

This is what Good Vibe Astrology is all about – a fast track to ‘know thyself‘ and others, opening doors to the infinite possibilities of creation.

Learn how to harness the stars to support your highest expansion and
amp up success through courses, forums, call-ins and resources. Come have a look around. Jeannette and I are so excited to share this with you!

If you have any questions, pop them in the comments! 🙂 Thanks for celebrating this birth with me, and happy Jupiter direct, everyone!



Good Vibe Astrology natal chart Australia


Good Vibe Astrology natal chart USA