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Sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor has created amazing underwater art in the shallow waters off the West Indies island of Grenada

Welcome February! There are some wonderful energies this month, and a few days with hot spots to circle, starting with the 2nd as Mars glides into the sign of Pisces. This is a contrasting place for the inner warrior! Mars wants to take action, be fiery and dominant; Pisces wants to receive through sensitivity and compassion. Healthy aggression meets the quiet philanthropist. If you know what you want, creative inspiration strikes. If you are uncertain, think twice before you launch.

We also have Venus in Aquarius until the 26th, a zany energy when it comes to affairs of the heart. The need for personal space augments (think quadruple) so ease up on commitments of time and energy. Relationships want to explore new territory. The more freedom they have, the better. Think autonomous!

On the 6th, Mercury goes into Pisces (yes, a LOT of Pisces this month). This is where boundaries of the mind loosen up, and we enter ‘Neptune’s word.’ Life becomes rich with synchronicity, symbolic meaning and feelings of connection to all life. Relationships with dishonesty or toxicity at the core go south. Relationships with generosity of spirit and love at the core blossom. It’s easy to spot the difference!

The 10th is an Aquarius New Moon, very social, very opinionated. It will test how strong and confident you are in your own convictions (the stronger you feel, the less you care what others are saying). Mars feeds off of Jupiter so any contrast dials up. (You are unlikely to miss this now, in case you have in the past.) Set clear intentions based on what you know now.

February 12th is an action packed day. If you’re hanging out for the new anthology (Vampires Gone Wild) with my latest novella, Blood and Water, it’s out today! If you’re signed up for Astro-LOA 101 at Good Vibe Astrology, it starts today too! See you there!

February 18th the Sun goes into Pisces, lighting up the the qualities of dissolving boundaries, sensitive intuition, artistic insight and faith in the unknown. It’s the cycle of longing and seeking for an experience of the divine, connection with all life. Communion. Enlightenment. Are you open? Check your hands. Palms up = yes. Palms closed = no.

Saturn turns Retrograde on the 19th until July 8th. This is our chance to see if we’ve build solid foundations (in work, business, health, relationships, creativity). What needs our attention? Is there anything to re-do? Mercury doubles up with retrograde motion on the 23rd. Now we ask, ‘what wants a re-think.’ Check where these planets are retrograde in your natal chart (tutorial for creating your chart online here , and for finding a transiting planet here) so you can put your attention and awareness where it will do the most good.

Venus is into Pisces on the 26th, the day of the the Full Moon at 7 Virgo. This is a sensitive hot spot. Know that whatever you feel will seem ten times bigger, and whatever you deliver, could have ten times the impact. Heart on sleeve mode. Feel things out before taking action or saying things that might be hard to take back.


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February ends with Venus on Neptune, the perfect time to use your imagination to attract exactly what you are fantasizing about. Get out your dream journals! Note the sychronicities! Now!

Have a wonderful month, everyone, and feel free to comment about what’s up, what’s happening, what’s new. Your voice is welcome 🙂