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Chinese zodiac snake  by Barbara Giordano

Chinese Snake by Barbara Giordano

Welcome wise Snake in Chinese New Year 2013!

The second New Moon after the solstice 2012 marks Chinese New Year 2013, year of the water snake.

LA – Saturday 23.20
NY – Sunday 02.20
LON – Sunday 07.20
SYD – Sunday 18.20

Here is the symbol of wisdom, cunning and surprise, along with the life – death – life dynamic of transformation. Listen to this two minute explanation by Joseph Campbell on the symbolism of the snake and how it was denigrated in some traditions. Far from a devil, this creature represents our life force, vitality and soul evolution!

Snake in the Chinese tradition is enterprising, witty, decisive and motivated. A sign both philosophical and intuitive, she’s a fabulous combination for all new endeavors in 2013! Snake shares some of the qualities of the western zodiac sign of Scorpio – think seductive, intense, generous to those they love and adept both creatively and intellectually. Also, like Scorpio, snake loves privacy and needs a space away from the hub of activity to regenerate and ‘collect their thoughts.’ Not an open book, snake holds back until trust is earned. And when it is, they are deep and loyal allies.

Aquarius New Moon natural houses

Aquarius New Moon natural houses

Each sign of the Western Zodiac will have a different emphasis in the New Year, according to where this Aquarius New moon falls in their chart. Below are hints and tips. If you want a detailed look at your Year Ahead for 2013, I am doing a select number sessions each month. Details are on the Readings Page. If you want a kickass report from my friend Mystic Medusa, you have to try the fabulous ‘Astro-Bitch  Must Know Mission Statement Horoscopes & Cosmic Love Tips 2013. Pay Whatever You Want (Anything from $0.00 Upwards) for these awesome e-books! So worth it!

Happy New Moon and Chinese New Year of the Snake! Set sky high intentions! Let us know how it’s all going in the comments!

AriesARIES: Chinese New Year of the Snake is a social time with plenty of goals and fuel for the fire. Friends mean the world to you and come through with great support and insight. Seek success with confidence, but note the difference between a goal and an agenda. You don’t make it happen. You let it . . .

TaurusTAURUS2013 is all about your career, mission and connection to others. You’ll want to be productive on a practical level as well as dive in to new areas of self-development. Think of it as a time to get yourself ‘correct.‘ That means recognize your worthiness, see your perfection, love yourself unconditionally.

GeminiGEMINI: Snake year is an adventure for those born under the sign of the twins. Think expansion, excitement, travel via mind, body, spirit, and a whole lot of dreams come true. Your best approach? Use the power of the ‘pre-thanks.’ The strength of your words, written and spoken, blossoms before your eyes!

CancerCANCER: The year of the Snake invites you to be an energy connoisseur, to  pay attention to the play of power between you and others, friends, associates and love interests alike. That means you tune into what you are flowing, without judgement, so you can line up with what you want. Think awareness!

LeoLEO: Single, mated, looking, hiding, complex or no strings, 2013 is about getting your love life correct. This opportunity is pure gold, so put some energy into activating the dream come true relationship you always wished for but never quite manifested. Clean house, inner and outer. Company’s coming!

VirgoVIRGO: Whether you want to drop a few extra pounds, gain muscle-lose fat, get into your best shape ever, heal an ongoing issues or boost your magical manifesting skills, the year of the Snake supports it big time! This is how it works. Get your vibration, AKA your thoughts, there first. Drop judgment!

LibraLIBRA: Year of the Snake holds a special place in the heart of Libra, one that will bring forth a pot of gold you had no idea was waiting. Probably didn’t see this rainbow coming! But here it is, abundance city! All you have to do is activate ‘Life is Good,’ and you’re following the creative magic. Holy wow!

ScorpioSCORPIO: You have a special connection with the year of the Snake and to honor it, think about the one thing you really want but are too (afraid, busy, denying, ignoring, projecting on to others) create. This is you chance to awaken true desires and make them so, by putting your focus there. You go for what you want. Period!

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: All forms of communication light up in the year of the Snake, amplifying everything from dissertation skills to writing, speaking and publishing. It’s ‘spread the word time’, and all you have to do is feel worthy. Boost self-esteem and positive self-talk for major 2013 joy, happiness and success!

CapricornCAPRICORN: Snake year can amp up your goals and hone your focus, making 2013 a fast track to abundance. How to fuel the engine? Re-think your relationship to FUN. Seriously! The motto is, as long as you’re having a good time, there’s no such thing as wasting time! Play. Take up a hobby. Muse.

AquariusAQUARIUS: The New Moon in Aquarius heralds the year of the Snake with personal significance for Water-bearers. This is a powerhouse year, one in which you get to decide how things go. It’s all about your perspective so start fresh, drop judgements and open you mind. Motto: There is no spoon.

piscesPISCES: The year of the snake can be a little task oriented, a little controlling for your taste but with the lunation in your solar 12th house, it’s all about ‘the dream’. Feel yourself free to muse your way through the year because the power of transformation lies in you ability to relax and chill out!

Happy Chinese New Year xxxKim!

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