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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Painting by Eric Conklin

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Painting by Eric Conklin

The first step in understanding the relationship between the law of attraction and astrology is to consider what the astrological chart is: a moment of time depicted in symbolic form. This horoscope can be of a person, place or thing. It can even be the map of a question! Because like attracts like, whatever is ‘born’ at a certain moment in time has a relationship to that moment’s energy signature. In other words, it is a reflection or ‘trail’ of the energy. Note: The chart reflects the natural expression of a person, not the other way around.  So, I’m not communicative because I was born with the sun Gemini. I was born with Sun and Mercury in Gemini because I am communicative!

In the case of a question, or Horary chart, we can see this link very clearly. Question and answer, like two sides to the same coin, are contained in the energy of the moment it is asked.That energy is symbolized by the astrological chart. Here’s a recent example.

A few weeks ago I was looking after my granddaughter and we couldn’t find her hairbrush. Anywhere! After searching and searching (can you feel the vibrations that was flowing – it was a big CAN’T FIND) we gave up and I untangled her hair with a clothes peg. Later that night I got home and guess what? I couldn’t find my hair brush either! (and this never happens!) The vibration of can’t find was well and truly stuck on me. After half an hour of looking (in a very small house) I stopped and did a horary chart. This is the chart we create for the moment of time a burning question is asked, and mine was red hot!


‘Where is my missing hairbrush?’ Click to enlarge

The horary follows some very specific rules. When it comes to a missing possession (hairbrush) we focus on the 2nd house (the house of ‘movable things’), the ruler of the 2nd, the co-ruler Moon, the natural ruler Venus and the depositor of the Part of Fortune. If any of these are angular (in houses 1, 4, 7, or 10) the missing item is in the home or where it ‘ought’ to be.

The ruler of the 2nd (Neptune), Moon and the POF Depositor (Neptune) are angular, so the brush didn’t grow legs and run away. With the ruler of the 2nd angular, it’s easy to find (or ought to be!) I was optimistic and set out to find it by the directions that relate to houses and signs.

In horary charts, where you find the ruling planet related to the questions (ie where you find the planet linked the the sign that rules, in this case, theNeptune, 2nd house cusp), you find the answer, or missing item. Neptune by house (it’s in the first) designates EAST. So I went to the East room in my home, my bedroom. It made sense. Then in that room I looked to the quadrant represented by the sign the ruler is in. Neptune is in Pisces which says look to the North West section of the room. I went there. Finally the element of the sign tells us what level to look. Water is ‘low lands’ so I bent low and searched.

Nada. I knew I was still flowing ‘can’t find‘ so I let it go and tried again in the morning. Still nothing! The next day, I bought a new hair brush and put the chart away.
A week later, my granddaughter had found two hairbrushes which got me into the vibe of abundance. When I got home from babysitting that night, I thought to give the horary chart another try.

Sure enough, I found it straight away, in the East room, along the northwest wall, just out of sight under the edge of the bed, on ground level. It made me laugh out loud!
Even the horary chart that let me straight to it the week before couldn’t help me ‘see’ it when my vibration was ‘can’t find’.

It never ceases to amaze me! Now I’m going to intentionality amp up my abundance vibe, while I’m on a roll. Anyone else have a lost and found story? I’d love to hear it

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This is the chart discussed in the comments re 'Where is the missing earring?'

This is the chart discussed in the comments re ‘Where is the missing earring?’

This is the horary chart drawn for the moment the question was posted on the forum.

This is the horary chart drawn for the moment the question was posted on the forum. In hindsight, we see the chart is saying with 27 Pisces 47 rising, that it is ‘too late’. The earring is already found!