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Small Fish, by J. Vincent Scarpace Fish Art

Mercury turns retrograde, an apparent backward motion, on the 23rd of February and will continue Rx, from 19 degrees of Pisces to 5 Pisces. From there, on the 18th of March, Mercury turns around again, picking up full speed (and out of the Rx zone) by April 6th. Here is the ephemeris for degrees and dates. If you know where 5 – 19 degrees of Pisces fall in your natal chart, you can see what house(s) this is lighting up! Tutorial here.

Multiple Asteroid Ephemeris Generator

Date |Mercury | LONG      DECL  |
23 Feb 2013  | 19 pi 51     – 1°36 |
24 Feb 2013  | 19 pi 50 Rx  – 1°24 |
25 Feb 2013  | 19 pi 39 Rx  – 1°17 |
26 Feb 2013  | 19 pi 19 Rx  – 1°15 |
27 Feb 2013  | 18 pi 49 Rx  – 1°18 |
28 Feb 2013  | 18 pi 11 Rx  – 1°26 |
01 Mar 2013  | 17 pi 26 Rx  – 1°38 |
02 Mar 2013  | 16 pi 35 Rx  – 1°54 |
03 Mar 2013  | 15 pi 39 Rx  – 2°14 |
04 Mar 2013  | 14 pi 39 Rx  – 2°37 |
05 Mar 2013  | 13 pi 38 Rx  – 3°03 |
06 Mar 2013  | 12 pi 36 Rx  – 3°31 |
07 Mar 2013  | 11 pi 35 Rx  – 4°00 |
08 Mar 2013  | 10 pi 36 Rx  – 4°30 |
09 Mar 2013  |  9 pi 41 Rx  – 5°00 |
10 Mar 2013  |  8 pi 50 Rx  – 5°30 |
11 Mar 2013  |  8 pi  5 Rx  – 5°58 |
12 Mar 2013  |  7 pi 25 Rx  – 6°25 |
13 Mar 2013  |  6 pi 51 Rx  – 6°51 |
14 Mar 2013  |  6 pi 23 Rx  – 7°14 |
15 Mar 2013  |  6 pi  2 Rx  – 7°35 |
16 Mar 2013  |  5 pi 48 Rx  – 7°54 |
17 Mar 2013  |  5 pi 40 Rx  – 8°11 |
18 Mar 2013  |  5 pi 38     – 8°26 |

With Mercury Rx in Pisces, the usual approach, to rethink, reconsider, review, reevaluate goals in the house where Mercury is transiting, expands to ‘rethink everything‘. Pisces has an inclusive orientation (everybody, everywhere, all the time) and that means looking with a single focus isn’t going to be as effective as going full bore, wide open. Allow for everything; exclude nothing is the motto of choice!

Remember Mercury Rx is a Trickster energy. It comes along when we are stuck, either in a habit pattern that no longer serves us, a limiting thought about ourselves or others, or a feeling of being trapped or out of touch with the creative life force. (low energy, lack of enthusiasm, glum = sing of a wrong-for-you goal) When we get into such a state, sooner or later the Trickster comes along to blow the doors and windows open so we can breathe fresh air again. In the sign of Pisces, the trickster turns our current life path into a series of fun house mirrors, showing us twists, turns and perspectives we couldn’t see before. It’s an awakening, supported by a willingness to relax, release resistance and go with the flow.

Here are scopes based on the ‘solar houses’. Where can you ‘muse’ more in your life?

AriesARIESWith Mercury Rx in your solar 12th house, it’s time to go ‘in’ and listen to your dreams. Not daydream fantasies of achievement, goals, challenges and actions, but really sink deep into the depths of your soul. What messages are welling up from there? Watch for synchronicity, tune into feelings, receive. 

TaurusTAURUS: Mercury Rx in your 11th house of friends and groups can turn the usual gatherings into a herd of wild horses, all galloping off in different directions. Not lot of control. Allow for a new view when it comes to social connections, and find ways to relax amid the chaos. Gems emerge when you aren’t looking.

GeminiGEMINI: Career, mission or profession can feel like a dream time journey, with the auto focus weaving in and out! This is good news! For the next three weeks you let go of trying to micromanage your future and ‘make things happen.’ Let your neurons relax so the universe can open new doors to infinite possibilities!

CancerCANCER: Travel or study plans turn into the trickster’s playground for the next three weeks. Deep breaths. Remember, it’s not about forging ahead right now, but finding peace and serenity in the midst of contrast. Take time out to reconsider your world view. Is it what you think, or what you are expected to think?

LeoLEO: Mercury Rx in your house of shared resources has you reconsidering any joint financial arrangements, both income and debt. As you sift through possibilities,  you’ll discover creative ways to organize and restructure the boundaries to your liking. You decide, but not yet. Let it marinate for a while. Go have fun.

VirgoVIRGO: Communication with partners, practical or intimate, goes a bit zany– muddled and/or blurred! It’s not the best time to come to any conclusions as wires get crossed. Use your gut feelings to make choices that can’t be delayed, and ask what you believe about partnerships. Rethink your relationships, without judgement.

LibraLIBRA: Mercury Rx through your 6th house of well-being says reconsider your lifestyle. Is this really what you want, or are you there because of circumstances ‘beyond your control?’ (ha!) Take stock of your nutrition, exercise, healthy care, comfort zone and routine. Start with what you believe about your body!

ScorpioSCORPIO: This is a time to go into cruise control on the creative realm and practice the art of allowing. Think play, recreate and relax. Consider where you can expand your beliefs and live more in the ‘now’. The goal is to drop judgment and experience life in the red hot moment. And it will be red hot!

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Thoughts turn to home life, family and symbiotic connections. Give yourself enough ‘me’ time to appreciate recent inner growth and development. Ask what family means to you. Home? Is there anything you believe that could be limiting your experience of others? Listen. Love. Reflect!

CapricornCAPRICORN: The Mercury Rx puts the Trickster in control of your tongue. You say one thing and they hear another. Emails, sans body language, get misconstrued. Don’t even think about sending text msg without punctuation. But it’s excellent for revising manuscripts or creative projects put on the back burner. Go there!

AquariusAQUARIUS: Use this Mercury Rx to get in touch with what really gives you a sense of peace and happiness, then let go of the outmoded core values and actions. Awareness  through stillness is the first step. It will lead to skill and talent development that is more authentic than you ever though possible.

piscesPISCES: Mercury Rx meanders through your home, work, Self and relationship life. Everything! Best reflect on what you believe about what you do, where you do it, whom you do it with. How? Just set an intention to notice the things you like about your life and smile. Exhale and limitations are going, going, gone.

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Video Tutorial on Mercury Rx