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Mission Impossible by Edwin Kats

Mission Impossible by Edwin Kats

March opens with Mercury still retrograde in Pisces and by now you might be seeing the benefits of slowing down, tuning in and reviewing certain goals, choices and decisions. For clues on what needs a ‘rethink’, go the the house(s) in your natal chart where you find 5 – 19 Pisces, and reflect on what is contained there. (Tutorial on plotting transits and Quick House Check here) Mercury will be Rx until March 17 but not out of the retrograde zone until April 6th when it passes 19 degrees of Pisces. Meanwhile, use this time to muse, reflect, let go and take some R&R that isn’t ‘goal focused.’

The first week of March has Sun trine Saturn Rx on the 2nd, a great weekend for pottering, de-cluttering and getting into a quietly productive zone. By the 4th, Mercury Rx conjuncts the Sun, best time ever to gain insights into what’s being going on over the last few weeks. Think ‘window of perspective.’ Take a look.

Just before the New Moon there is a stabilizing vibe guaranteed to shine light on mystery relationship encounters and/or problems you’ve been trying to solve. The best way to allow this clarity in is to let go, loosen your grip, exhale and stop ‘trying’. Period. The more you can meditate (or do your zen thing like walk the dogs, go fish, weed the garden, bake a flan, feed the birds) the easier the ‘message’ gets through. Relax!

The New Moon in Pisces, on the 11th, is powerfully focused with graceful Venus, exalted in Pisces, as the closest aspect. The more you can generate compassion, especially in relationship, the more rich and abundant your life will feel. If there was ever a time to let go of a grudge, release a ‘toleration’ or extend a helping hand, this is it. The New Moon is the final aspect for Moon in Pisces, rendering her ‘void of course‘ for the next few hours until Mars and Moon change signs, crossing into Aries. Take a moment to find where the 0 Aries Point is in your chart and reflect on your relationship to ‘the world at large.‘ Changes hinted at today become evident in April!

By the 17th, Mercury turns direct while the Moon in Gemini conjunct bountiful Jupiter. Even though it’s not time yet to leap ahead at the speed of light (wait for Mercury to gain momentum first) you’d find that things hinted at in December 2012 come to fruition. Be open to opportunities, offers and abundance. Wide open!

The Sun glides into the Warrior Sign of Aries on the 20th, reactivating the Zero Degree Aries Point. Whatever house that falls into in your chart, go there, do that, and celebrate your goals, ambitions, triumphs and battles. Throw a Klingon feast in your honor! Venus in Aries on the 22nd, think red hot pursuit! Fun times, but note Mars conjunct Uranus on the 23rd. It’s a bit of a dog fight – lots of noise and froth. If you don’t want to get your hackles up, chill; if you have unresolved issues with someone, work it out before or after. Nothing’s solved in anger.

Full Moon in Libra on the 27th is a tad explosive. It pulls in jovial Jupiter (which can expand things out of proportion) and triggers rebellious, radical Uranus square major transformation Pluto. Hopefully any bones you had to pick were worked through last week because the leftovers are going to fly off the plate. Purge, cleanse, get it off your chest, renew!

March 28th, while still in the aftermath of the Full Moon, Venus crosses the sun by ‘superior conjunct‘ and swaps from morning star (as she was all of 2012) to evening star. Symbolically, we are talking whole new vibe to all our intimate relationships, creative expression and finances. Yes, they all go together, money and love! The month ends with the Moon in ever optimistic Sagittarius, ready to explore new meaning, expand horizons and adventure.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmHave a wonderful month of March, everyone! xxxKim

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