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The Venus by Michael Parkes

After rising as the morning star all of 2012, Venus has  crossed the Sun by ‘superior conjunction‘, moving  into the position of the evening star.

It’s a big event, symbolically, and added to that is the presence of Uranus, the god of change. What we are seeing is a whole new vibration when it comes to personal, one-to-one  relationships, creative expression (our relationship to our Muse), core values and finances $$. Yes, they all go together, money, self-worth and love!

Venus refines the solar energy, putting awareness on beauty, harmony, love and creative, passionate expression. In the sign of Aries, the spirit is fiery, adventurous and ‘take action’ oriented. At to that the radical, unpredictable and ‘rug out from under the feet’ nature of Uranus and we have a time of surprise, fresh insights, change (with urgency!) and general rebellion against anything that rings of ‘stuck or stagnated’.

As the sun sets, Venus now follows, making her visible at twilight.

As the sun and Uranus set, Venus and Mars follow. Venus will be invisible until she reaches about 10 degrees distance from the Sun – from there on out until early 2014, she’s our evening star!

Astro-LOA tip of the week includes opening the floodgates to new thoughts and exploring NEW core values. Get current with yourself! It’s like something is waiting to be born and we have to ‘let go’ of old thoughts and literally ‘step up’ to the new wave. It may feel right to purge, allow for ‘reckless’ and unconventional thoughts to air, honor inspired action and find NEW ways to activate the vibration YOU want to experience. Here are 17 easy tips by Jeannette Maw, to support the awakening.

Welcome Venus as the evening star, and welcome the change in you! Let us know what this stirs up for you!