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Tarot Card - The Star

The Star – by Thalia Took

The month starts with a blast of positive Fiery energy with the Sun in Aries trine the Sagittarius Moon. For the first few weeks, all the planets are in direct motion so if you have set a strong intention and can vision the path ahead, it’s all systems go! If you don’t have a clear idea of ‘what’s next’, relax. Jupiter, the principle of expansion, square Chiron, the audacity to attempt, team up and through contrast you’ll get the bolt out of the ‘blue’. Inspiration may very well strike the first week of April, when you least expect.

From the 2nd to the 10th of April is the ‘last quarter’ phase, with the 7th-9th being the Dark Moon. Rule of thumb for this time is to wind down, relax, consolidate and take a ‘time in.’ Dark moons give us a chance to replenish and reflect on our next great step of the adventure, but for now the only thing we amp up self-nourishment and self-love.

It might be tricky to rein yourself in with a Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries on the 7-8th of April. It’s sexy sassy amor that will want to express. Just keep in mind it’s a time to be open to infinite possibilities, not over burdened with commitment.

April 10th is the New Moon at 20 Aries, intention setter of the entire year. Go big or go home! You want to reach for the stars with your dreams, goals and ambitions right now. The Venus/Mars (attraction and desire in the sign of go get ’em) is woven in to this lunar event, making it worth checking out where 20 Aries is in your chart. (see tutorials here or ask if you need help). That’s where you light a fire!

New Moon @20 Aries 40′ on April 10th
LA –  Wednesday – 2:38 AM
NY –  Wednesday – 5:38 AM
LON –  Wednesday – 9:38 AM
SYD –  Wednesday – 8:38 PM

April 12 is the turning point for Pluto. The planet of deep psychological transformation is going to turn retrograde at 11 Capricorn and travel ‘backward’ for the next six months. Where that is happening in your chart is an indicator of deep level, under the radar processing. Support this with plenty of time and respect for introspection, self-inventory and self-love. Change is afoot, and it’s an inside job.

Pluto turns Retrograde @11 Capricorn 35′ on April 12th
LA –  Friday – 12:34 PM
NY – Friday – 3:34 PM
LON –  Friday – 8:34 PM
SYD –  Saturday – 5:34 AM

Mid-April sees the shift of Mercury into Aries on the 13th and Venus into Taurus on the 15th. Thoughts get booster rockets and desires go sultry. Sun conjunct Mars in Aries on the 17th is high octane fueled! Use it.

On the 19/20th, the Sun joins Venus in earthy, sensual, fecund Taurus. Time to put some pragmatic energy into those visions and dreams! Mars goes into Taurus a few hours after the Sun, making 0 degrees Taurus a hot spot in the zodiac. Look to what house that degree is in, (see tutorials here or ask if you need help), and put some practical, earthy, physical energy into that area of life. Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries as well. Electric bolts of dazzling insight! Jot down all ideas!

April 26th is the Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, with Saturn, Mars and the North and South Lunar Nodes holding court. You will definitely want to focus some energy on your house containing 5 degrees of Scorpio! What ever has been repressed, resisted or denied (see deliberate creator denial) may well come unhinged. See this as a release and deal with the fallout as needed. You will want to go into this with all the emotional maturity you can muster, taking responsibility for your own part in everything you experience. Remember, the buck stops within!

April ends with a practical, strong Moon in Capricorn trine the Taurus Sun. You are going to want to put down your sword/avoid shoveling sand against the tide. When in doubt, de-clutter, organize yourself and/or make a plan. Most of all, relish the natural beauty of life, appreciate everything and bask in nature. Walk among the trees!

Have a wonderful April everyone!