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'When the darkness fades away' by intano

‘When the darkness fades away’ by intano

Welcome to the shadow of the Eclipse! If the emails and posts I’ve been receiving are anything to go by, we are all connecting to the transformational energy with varying degrees of drama.

And remember, ‘drama’ isn’t necessarily a bad word, especial for Scorpio – which we all have somewhere in our charts!

The trick is to leverage this powerful lunar event and ride the waves of intensity to our own evolution, as opposed to feeling the ‘victim’ of outer circumstances. It’s the time to remember:

There is no spoon.

This lunar eclipse is a point of release where old emotions are purged, projects completed, plans come to fruition. If things are going ’tilt’ it represents an area of life that want reexamination, simple as that. It may help to think back to April 2005 and the six months after for hints as to what is being stirred up.

LA – Thursday – 12:57
NY – Thursday – 15:57
LON – Thursday – 20:57
SYD – Friday– 05:57

The intensity of the days surrounding this augmented Full Moon depend on where in your chart the eclipse takes place (and how willing you are to feel you feelings!) and if there are any personal planets being activated. Find the houses were 5 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio are located in your natal chart for further insights. Because Saturn is so powerfully connected to the eclipse, we want to ‘get serious’ about living this area of life authentically. Ask, what is ripe for harvest here? What must be plowed back into the soil? How can I move forward? The answers are within. You decide!

Lunar Eclipse at 5 Scorpio, Natural houses.

Lunar Eclipse with Natural houses. Click to enlarge

Note also that Mars (god of war) is conjunct the sun (light of consciousness) during the eclipse. This heats up the events, inner and outer, making for some sizzling intensity. There will be ACTION!

The Taurus – Scorpio Dynamic

The way up is the way down.

These two signs are traditionally ruled by Venus and Mars/Pluto respectively. Total opposites. The polarity involved is a love verse power over dilemma in that Taurus yearns for peace at the expense of change and Scorpio yearns for change at the expense of peace. Taurus, in this sense, is passive and Scorpio ruthlessly active.

An eclipse involving these signs (Sun in Ta and Moon in Sc) means the emphasis is placed on the balance between stagnation and transformation. Too much Taurean stability can turn into a swamp and too much upheaval/change can leave us looking like a strip mine. There needs to be a balance between the divergent drives between ‘change’ and ‘sameness’.

The Taurus/Scorpio dynamic also implies the difference between the earthy epithemia love of Taurus (touch, sex, sensuality) and the intense love of Scorpio (intimate/erotic). Taurus wants sensual pleasure for the joy of it and Scorpio wants to turn that pleasure into purposeful, soul transformation. Taurus wants to recognize herself in the mirror the next day; Scorpio does not.

This Eclipse activation is so strong, we at GoodVibeAstrology.com have decided to explore it deeper, starting with a free call that leads into our short course – Sex Secrets – What Your Astrology Can Tell You. I’ll post more details here before the first call April 30th.

Where we find Scorpio in the horoscope is where we need to experience life in the moment and on the edge.  Saturn transiting there now says ‘get real and serious’ about this area of life. Scorpio asks that we leave our familiar ground, be it supportive or destructive, and venture out into the world to re-create ourselves anew.

Hints for sun/Ascendant signs:

AriesARIES If you find yourself provoking fights and arguments, rethink your intimate life. Where are you resisting creative engagement with another? Be honest.

TaurusTAURUS: Are you engaging with your whole heart? Set intentions around living the relationship of your dreams, not just dreaming about them. Make it real.

GeminiGEMINI: Are you connecting with your physicality, setting into motion a new health, fitness, exercise routine? Discover the meaning of holistic awareness. Now.

CancerCANCER: Are you pleasing others to the detriment of creative self-expression? Set intentions to honor your Muse, engaging in recreation and having Fun!

LeoLEO: Where you crave intensity is in the roots of your being, private, domestic, introspective. Plumb the depths of your soul, for best results. It’s not all out there!

VirgoVIRGO: This is the perfect time to express where you stand: on your own two feet. Discover the power of your words as a creative force to be reckoned with.

LibraLIBRA: Transformation is afoot and it’s reflected in the ebb and flow of energy – money, emotions, projects, support. Are you getting enough? If not, why not?

ScorpioSCORPIO: Never forget, it’s intense connection you want. Check in to how you’re attracting it. Creatively? Destructively? Ambiguously? You decide how this goes.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Set intentions around self-reflection via meditation, service to others, connection with all life. Risk something real, to make a difference.

CapricornCAPRICORN: Are you engaging with the ‘group’, leading the way, pushing past fears? Own your power and set intentions there to your greatest ability. No hiding.

AquariusAQUARIUS: Are you putting yourself out into the world? Creating radical unexpected  change? Redefinition is in order. Think bigger than you ever have before!

piscesPISCES: It’s time to explore new horizons of mid-body-spirit. The familiar is too small a pond. Get out into the wide blue oceans of life. The search is for meaning!


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