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'Tango Confidential' by Alvaro Castagnet

‘Tango Confidential’ by Alvaro Castagnet

How can astrology reveal more about your love life?

You can find out on April 30th/May 1st. I’m running a three call series on this topic over at Good Vibe Astrology with master law of attraction coach, Jeannette Maw.

The first call is free. Everyone here is welcome to join in. Bring your charts!

The 3 week course we’ll show you how to awaken your true passions and manifest more, better, ‘in the vortex’ sex by exploring the secrets in your astrology, and leveraging the law of attraction. You don’t have to be an expert to align with your stars. Anyone with a chart (drawn from their date, time and place of birth) can join in and discover where Venus, the powers of attraction, Mars, raw desires, Psyche, their longings for communion, and Eros, their passion for erotic transformation, are, and what they need, want and have to offer to make you feel more whole, and more complete, vital and fulfilled. In other words, great sex! Armed with self awareness, and a load of manifesting techniques, you’ll be attracting the sex life of your dreams in no time!

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ll cover:

Call 1: Introduction to the astrological ‘players’ in sex and intimacy and how getting to know that part of yourself can help you create the sex life you want most! (It’s not just your Venus and Mars, but we’ll start there!) We talk about how to spot counter intentions, and discover what is uniquely authentic for you when it comes to your love life. We’ll wrap up with ways to activate the vibration you’re after, wake up your passions and amp up your sex mojo, before anything changes ‘out there.’ For those staying on to take the full course, there will be homework exercises. Also, as time allows, we’ll be answering questions from callers, and using their charts as examples. All this is followed up by everyone on the Open Forum “Calls” thread.

Prep for this call by creating your chart online, adding asteroids Psyche and Eros and uploading your chart to the Chart Gallery. Need support? Here is a 5 minute tutorial to walk you through those steps.

Call 2: By looking at the basic premise, like attracts like, well see how to spot what we’re signaling when it comes to our love life! From there we’ll follow the threads of the natal chart, exploring planets of sex, desire, passion and libido and find specific ways to debug, unkink, activate and align the best love life vibe possible. The secrets to fulfillment, and boosting our powers of attraction, are in the natal chart, and step by step, we’ll unravel them, along with any limiting beliefs. There will be time for examples and questions on the call and on the Sex Secrets – what your astrology can tell you course forum. Homework will be given in prep for call #3.

Call 3: Here’s where we put it all together, adding to the astrological and LOA tools introduced to bring full awareness to sexual desire, passion and expression. We’ll be ready to help you release any gremlin patterns, loosen your grip on ‘what is’ and show you the path to the perfect-for-you sex life of your dreams. We’ll also talk about synastry – the comparison of your chart to another person’s, transits and also location, and how these markers can open more secret doors to your inner world of passion and intimacy. The course forum will stay open for your ongoing support, and continued discussion with course members, Jeannette and myself.

We start Tuesday, April 30th at 7 pm EDT with the first call, open to everyone.

If you sign up for the course but can’t make the calls live, don’t worry! They will be recorded and you can download them on to your computer.

Call #1 Times and Dates
LA – Tue – 4pm
NY – Tue – 7pm
LON – Tue – 12am
SYD – Wed – 9am

You can sign up for the entire course now ($47.00US). If you have any questions, shoot me an email or post them in the comments.

Either way, hope to see you on call #1. Everyone is welcome to join in!
For access to the chart gallery, video and other tutorials, and the open forum, just sign up for free GVA membership. Love to have you guys there!