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An Angel Affair by Michael Parkes

An Angel Affair by Michael Parkes

Is this one of your manifesting tools?

Today’s post first appeared at The Good Vibe Blog. Reblogged here with permission from Jeannette Maw

Recently I listened to a GVU call by relationship coach Lisa Hayes. It was part of her series on Dating in the Vortex and focused on Lisa’s “two list” approach to attracting new or improved love.

Since this is the topic of our upcoming three call series at GVA, I thought to revisit these ideas here.

On the call, Lisa read us a client’s LONG list of her ideal date. It was as detailed as a Briggs-Myers personality test, only more personal and included a CV, physical traits, emotional responses to a wide range of situations, minimum bank balance etc. etc. The only thing missing was Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign and of course, Venus and Mars! (None of us do that, right?)

Lisa’s point – specifics might actually be limiting if we aren’t listing how we want to feel. (who cares what their annual income is, make model and car registration # and favorite restaurant if we aren’t feeling the love?)

This example got me thinking about list making altogether, especially when it involves another person.  Isn’t that conditional love?  The thought of someone ticking off my appearances, traits, IQ and emotional responses feels . . . odd. Actually, it’s kinda creepy.

Are we missing the point of relationship when we preordain what the ‘other’ must be like?

Maybe, but don’t get me wrong. Lists are valuable. They tell us things about ourselves. For example, if I make a my new sweetie (MNS) list and it goes like this: MNS is rich, smart, funny, gorgeous, adventurous, independent, fit, must love cats . . . what does this say about me?

It says, I want to be rich, smart, funny, gorgeous, adventurous, independent, fit and surrounded by cats. The list is never about ‘them’. It’s about us, and when we get that, we can stop ‘needing’ others to be x,y or z, and be that ourselves. Then, we enjoy the new sweetie for who they are.  Period.

Besides showing us what we want to become, the MNS list can point out why we want what it is we want. Armed with that knowledge we can get to the feeling place now, before MNS shows up. Does everyone know the “why do I want that” exercise? It’s so insightful.

1) Start with a current desire. It might be I want to date a man with $$$. Underneath that statement ask, why do I want that? It might go like this:

I want to date a man with $$$

Why do I want that?

So I don’t have to pay for everything myself

Why do I want that?

So someone besides me steps up for a change

Why do I want that?

So I feel special

And there it is. In this case, I don’t give a hoot about their bank account. What I really want is to feel special. And this is an inside job. As Ean Begg says, When we stop expecting other people to fulfill us, we can begin to fulfill ourselves. Does that leave the door open for true relationship, or what?

making your listThe other great thing about the MNS list is, it tunes our radar for new possibilities. If I say my sweetie is generous, kind, hot, funny, smart, sporty etc I’m cuing my unconscious that these things do exist! Like they say, I’ll see it when I believe it, and the list helps me believe. For those who think relationships suck, or that men/women are untrustworthy, lists can help shift the vibe to a better feeling place.

How about you?

Do you make lGoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmists for dates, partners, perfect clients, agents, others? Or do you connect with people from scratch, where who they are and what they look like and how they think is of no concern because you know, if they are in your space, they are a vibrational match? Combination of the two?  I’d love to hear your thoughts (and lists)!

For more on this topic of love and attraction, tune in to the GVA monthly free call on Tuesday April 30/Wed May 1Sex Secrets – What your astrology can tell you.