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Welcome to the Season of the Eclipse, everyone!

May opens in the calm before the revelation as Mercury enters the sign of Taurus. It’s a VERY short stay and you’re going to want to tune into your ‘Taurus House(s)’ to see what’s being triggered rapid fire. (Really, the messenger of the gods is traveling double time, two degrees a day!) Though in the steady, methodical, cool sign of Taurus, you can expect news flashes in the first half of the month. Most likely they’ll be around practical things like survival, $$, work, sex, food, you know, the basics. Heads up! By the end of week one, there will be five planets and the south node in the sign of the Bull. This is where you deal with that area of life. No exceptions. If anyone is uncertain how to find their Taurus House(s), this tutorial will help.

Back to the eclipses. We are in the zone – three eclipses in 30 days! The lunar eclipse on April 25th started us off with the full moon in Scorpio. This marks the beginning of the shift of eclipse pairs from Gemini-Sagittarius to Taurus – Scorpio, something we haven’t experienced in nine years. The next eclipse in the season is May 9th, a solar, or new moon, eclipse at 19 Taurus.

New Moon Eclipse @19 Taurus on May 9th
LA –  Thurs – 5:29 PM
NY –  Thurs – 8:29 PM
LON –  Fri – 1:29 AM
SYD –  Fri – 10 :29 AM

Again, look to where you have this degree in your chart (ask for help if you getGoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdm stumped) because that’s where you want to get your life correct, set new intentions and tune in to some sensual pleasure. This is Taurus, after all. If a little’s good, a lot is better. Seriously, play in some earthly delights, for the goddess’s sake! Speaking of the goddess, Venus shifts into the sign of Gemini just before the eclipse on the 9th. It’s ultra social, playful, zesty, flirtatious and carefree. Diarize yourself some time for this too! Learn more about Venus – Mars dynamic in Sex Secrets – What Your Astrology Can Tell You. Call #1 is free to enjoy at GVA. Just scroll down to have a listen.

By mid-May, Mercury moves into the home sign of Gemini and the long ongoing Uranus – Pluto square will be exact again.(11 Aries square 11 Capricorn) This is where contrast is showing you what you really want so that you can break out of limiting beliefs, experiences and situations and recreate the life you desire. It’s a breakdown to breakthrough energy that’s working as your ally to shift stubborn resistance. To the degree that you can, allow, let go and allow some more. When reality feels like a brick wall, shift your focus on a dime. You totally can do this!

May 20th is the ingress of sun into Gemini giving us four planets in this sign with an elemental shift to AIR. Think more objective, breezy, curious, social and spacious. It’s going to help with a new perspective, I promise. On the 24th is the third of three eclipses, the final one in the Gemini-Sagittarius family for nearly a decade. The Gem – Sag sector in your chart will indicate where the pressure comes off. This eclipse pulls in Neptune so it can be crazy magical-creative-romantic (with an emphasis on crazy) or it can get downright slippery. Again, focus on where you want to go, not what’s getting in the way! (from Jeannette Maw’s article above, ‘How to come out of a spin‘.)

Full Moon Eclipse @4 Sagittarius on May 24th
LA –  Fri – 9:24 PM
NY –  Sat – 12:24 AM
LON –  Sat – 5:24 AM
SYD –  Sat – 2:24 PM

On the last day of the month, Mercury moves from Gemini to Cancer (note the quicksilver god has been in THREE signs in three weeks. Thoughts, perspectives and consciousness shifts expected! Mars also moves into Gemini on the 31st making everyone more communicative, or at lease, desirous of being heard.

The key things to remember are: New Moon Eclipse on the 9th, set intentions in your Taurus house (what that area of life means to you). Mid-month, note the exact Uranus/Pluto square. This is a long term transformation. Stay positive and release resistance. (rule of thumb:  if it hurts, you’re resisting). May 24th, Full Moon Eclipse at 4 Sagittarius. Think of this as a release point. What is it you are ready to set free so that you can expand, explore and become more of who you are?

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? They are always welcome!

Happy May, everyone!