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'Full Moon with Aurora Borealis over Strait' by Brush 22

‘Full Moon with Aurora Borealis over Strait’ by Brush 22

The Full Moon Eclipse is on May 24th – 25th, lining up the Nodes in Taurus – Scorpio and Moon opposite Sun in Gemini – Sagittarius. It is the last in the series of the Gemini-Sagittarius family of eclipses, for the next 9+ years. Think back to the beginning of this cycle, June 1, 2011. What was started then is coming to fruition, completion, transformation. Celebrate every single bit of it!

@ 4 SAGITTARIUS May 24 – 25

LA – Fri – 9:10 – PM
NY – Sat – 12:10 AM
LON – Sat – 5:10 AM
SYD – Sat – 2:10 PM

Note: the  opposition is complete +14 minutes past times given eclipse times.

There are several planets joining in on this eclipse, contributing their energy to the mix. Neptune (enchantment) is number one, followed by Mars (action), Uranus (surprise), Chrion (audacity) and Saturn (work). But Neptune is dominant! Think dreamy, ethereal, mystical, romantic, whimsical, deceptive notions meshed with longings for ‘oneness’ AND a bolt of electricity from Mars/Uranus with a dose of clarity from Saturn. What Chiron brings might be the ability to see through the mask and learn something new about one’s self. To get the most benefit from the ecclipse, we have to tune in. Whatever elicits more awareness, meditation, nature, animals, gardening, music, painting, the sea, novels, sex, weight training, baking cookies . . . do more of that.

Lunar (full moon) Eclipse @4 Sagittarius - click to enlarge.

Lunar (full moon) Eclipse @4 Sagittarius – click to enlarge.

Remember, Neptune forms a T-Square to the Moon opposite Sun, possibly clouding issues for a few days. There’s no need to make snap decisions right now. Give the dust time to settle. Eclipses are felt 3 days before to 3 days after the ‘event’, and also can be strong 30 days before and 30 days after (+- 3 days).

(If you want to know more about ‘backward causation’ in astrology, let me know!)

Check out where the eclipse is happening in your chart and sort that area of life. Here are some hints to get you started.

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AriesARIES/Eclipse in the 9th house: Whatever emotions rise to the surface at this time you will want room to process them. Avoid small spaces! This isn’t the best energy for intimacy if the other is needy. Get out into the wilds and celebrate the feeling of freedom (it’s a state of mind). Make bold new plans for the future.

TaurusTAURUS/Eclipse in the 8th house: Resources gained and shared, loaned or borrowed can become the arena for inner growth. The key is to not fall into the illusion that this has anything to do with money or finances. Get to the core of what $$ represents to you. Is it power? Security? Control? Step back for better perspective.

GeminiGEMINI/Eclipse in the 7th house: The eclipse is heating up your house of relationship, be it partner, agent, lover, counselor, client. What ever buried treasures you have resting with these people, they will bubble up to the surface. Same goes for any fears. Best approach: Catch, sort, keep, release as you see fit.

CancerCANCER/Eclipse in the 6th house: It’s easy to get over focused on the path, the plan, the goal, the outcome. You might even have become so immutable that you don’t notice the detour, a lovely turn of events pulling you in a new direction. Put down the mop and open your eyes to the life that is beckoning.

LeoLEO/Eclipse in the 5th house: The door to your creativity is opening and how you respond is going to determine what comes next. Are you seeing with judgment, critiquing your creations, or are you lavishing them with support and appreciation, no matter how humble the beginnings. Which do you think works best?

VirgoVIRGO/Eclipse in the 4th house: This eclipse is a bit like holding a stick of dynamite in one hand and a match in the other. Potentially explosive, but you do get to decide how this is going to go. Think twice before pushing others or pressing for answers. Everything that comes up now is an inside job. Inside.

LibraLIBRA/Eclipse in the 3rd house: The mind is a buzz of energy and ricocheting thoughts. There is so much to express, you may not make a lot of sense until you let ’em have it. In other words, much can be gained by giving a few particular people an update on how you really feel. Blast! They can take it!

ScorpioSCORPIO/Eclipse in the 2nd house: It might seem like issues of money, support or the next best step is what’s being discussed, but actually, no. Nothing like that. What’s up is really to do with personal values and feelings of worth and empowerment. Remember, its never about $, but what it represents.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS/Eclipse in the 1st house: This eclipse is about you and your authenticity. Self-awareness. Self-awakening. Self-actualization. Are you seeing a pattern here? I believe more than ever it’s time for us to let go of what hasn’t worked, to be willing to release old habits and expectations, and allow ourselves to be more of who we really are.Jeannette Maw

CapricornCAPRICORN/Eclipse in the 12th house: You are linked more by the dreamy allure of this moon than others so set aside some time to muse. It’s not always about accomplishments that can be weighed and measured with a stick. Sometimes it’s about expressing with the soul, through visuals, sound and touch.

AquariusAQUARIUS/Eclipse in the 11th house: Goals for the future are up for reassessment but it might be time to use different criteria. Task #1 – find out what you’re afraid of. Task #2 – discover where that story came from. Task # 3 – let go of the old story and start telling a new one, with all your heart.

piscesPISCES/Eclipse in the 10th house: The eclipse in your career sector puts the light on achievement, but that’s only half the story. Yes, it’s time for results and those can be absolutely wonderful. But what matters is how you feel once you reach the prize. Find the core of what success means to you, and create more of that!

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