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A Conversation, by Daniel Ridgway Knight

With the New Moon in Gemini comes fresh ides, insights and of course, a powerful backdrop to set new intentions. It also falls into the ‘Libra decanate’ of Gemini, meaning that one plus another makes for bigger, better and most outstanding ideas. You don’t want to sit this one out alone. Gemini says TALK, and this new moon is all about the conversation.

Even more than usual, conversations over the next few days will bring change, and transformation.

LA – Saturday 8:57 am
NY – Saturday 11:57 am
Lon – Saturday 4:57 pm
SYD – Sunday 1:57 am

Think about the brainstorm, the free flow of ideas, the absences of judgment, the potential for something original to rise from the recombination of thought-form DNA. This is not gossip, Q & A, dictation, dissertation or denouncement. It’s not teaching or learning, or the reiteration of fact. This is Open Mind, and in Gemini, it’s a journey for two, one that can bring lasting transformation. (Thank you Collaborative Journeys)

How can brainstorm conversations bring about change?

  1. Conversations bring us together. (And together, we are  more comfortable with change.)
  2. Conversations connect the dots, linking past, present and potential futures.
  3. Conversations builds trust, which leads to more openness more lateral thinking.
  4. Conversation enhances shared meaning, strengthening our connection to, and resolve toward, authentic change.
  5. Conversations reinforces a healthy living system, boosting understanding, self-acceptance, respect, reflection and love.

When we are in brainstorming conversations – any talk that opens the mind to new possibilities – the messenger of the gods, Mercury, is in flight. The experience itself is an externalization of growing neuropathways in the brain, and those new roads lead straight to a more expanded life.

How to enhance this process?

Awareness. Notice the open fields of possibility. Notice the expansion. Appreciate it as you linger there in reverence.

To amp this process up even more, look to where 18 degrees of Gemini is in your natal chart and immerse yourself in the environment of that house. Not sure how to find the degrees of the house cusps? Here is a tutorial. If all efforts still have you scratching your head, ask for help in the comments. I, or another savvy member of the 11th House will help.

Happy New Moon, everyone. I’d love to hear about the conversations you’re having and where they lead!