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Spiritual pilgrim – woodcut, anonymous German artist, circa 1530. Jung, CW 10, plate VII

Hi Everyone! I was about to announce our next course at GVA, and realized you might like to hear it from Jeannette in person. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or any manifesting stories to share! – MWAHS xKim

Some of you already marry up the powerful arts of astrology and deliberate creation.

(Hats off to you, powerful creators!)

But for those of you who this might be foreign to, here are six ways astrology can amp up your manifesting game:

1. Harness planetary energy. Everything vibrates – including you, me, our thoughts and all those beautiful planets.

How do those universal bodies affect your vibration?  And how can you use those energies to benefit your manifesting?

All it takes is some basic astrology knowledge to get more bang for your focusing buck.  You’ll find it makes all the difference in the world when you work with planetary cyclical energy, rather than ignoring it.

2.  Get a better handle on contrast.  When things seem to be going sideways, it can help to spot the star movements involved and understand the ‘message in the madness’.  (Just seeing transformation ahead, and the core purpose of it all, can bring relief in the present moment!)

3.  Find reasons to believe. When we can see how the stars are lining up to support what we want, it makes it even easier to believe in our success.  And belief and expectation are big parts of the LOA game.

When I saw Jupiter moving into my tenth house, my LOA-friendly interpretation was that this was the time my professional platform really wanted to grow.  It was no time to play it small – and seeing that energy made me braver in honoring bold work inspirations. What a difference that made!

4.  Enhance self love. It is nearly impossible to study your natal chart without falling in love with yourself.  You’ll see all your complexities and quirks that make you uniquely you.  Since the world can only reflect how we feel about ourselves, self love is a helpful vibe to amplify.

5.  See others from the eyes of God/Source. We’re co-creating the others in our lives based on how we think about and know them.  So finding a way to see them in their highest light allows you to experience the best they have to offer.  Astrology is a powerful way to tap into another’s best self.  (Not to mention that knowing my partner is a triple Virgo helps me cut him lots of slack when he tends to criticize instead of appreciate.)

6.  Identify and leverage your best LOA power tools. Your personal astrology inclines you to certain manifesting gifts.  Once you know them, you can take full conscious advantage of them.  (Example, my Libra sun makes it easy for me to see other points of view, and thus to be more flexible in how I perceive reality.  Which is why I’m so good at leveraging Abraham’s advice to “see ‘what is’ in a way that pleases you.”)

How do you use astrology to become a more powerful deliberate creator? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

And if you’re interested in some first class guidance in using astrology to improve your manifesting results, join me and Kim Falconer in a very affordable five week course beginning June 18th.

We’re laying out the basics of how deliberate creators can leverage the planetary energies for getting what they want. The course is for deliberate creators who may have curiosity but little knowledge of astrology – and for the astro-savvy who are interested in using their star knowledge to consciously create reality.  Find more details here.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlThank you, Jeannette!

Jeannette Maw is the LOA party host at Good Vibe U and co-founder of Good Vibe Astrology. Subscribe to her Good Vibe newsletter here. Connect on Google+.