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Celebration Posters by Keith Mallett

Celebration Posters by Keith Mallett

Celebrate this mid-winter or mid-summer solstice with joy, optimism and excitement for the future!

It’s a turning points, symbolic of endings and new beginnings, and with Jupiter so close to the sun, and about to cross this solstice point for the first time in twelve years, whatever you intend is magnified a hundred fold!

As the sun crosses 0 degrees of Cancer (also known as the Aries Point), it triggers powerful points (Draconic Nodes) releasing energy to move you along your path. If you want to fast track your abundance, creativity, well-being, love and enlightenment, then focus our thoughts today!

LA – Thursday – 10:03 PM
NY – Friday – 1:03 AM
LON – Friday – 6:03 AM
SYD – Friday – 3:03 PM

Hints for setting powerful intentions on the Solstice:

Remember to spot where 0 Cancer is in your chart and amp up the energy in that area of life! Comments and questions welcome on the forum.

AriesARIES: Clean the house, wash the windows, clear the air, especially with family. Ask: is your home a true reflection of you? All new things are coming in this area of life. Cherish your body too!

TaurusTAURUS: Start a new course of study, join a community project, get friendly with the written or spoken word. Ask: is there anything you’d like to learn, teach or share? New ideas are coming in. Communicate!

GeminiGEMINI: Indulge in all your core values, develop your talents and be MORE of who you are. Ask: Are you letting the abundance in? It’s enrichment time. Think more self-sustaining. A hobby turns into a career!

CancerCANCER: This is a new chapter in your life. Open the door to your dreams by showing up! Ask: is your life an accurate reflection of who you want to be? Change is easy now. The universe has your back!

LeoLEO: Commune with your unconscious. Take time to record and reflect on your dreams. Ask: are you deep in the well of your creative heart? There are opportunities pouring in. Be ready!

VirgoVIRGO: Friends and like-minded others are a source of inspiration if you’re hanging out with your own kind! Ask: are these birds really of your feathers? Plant your hopes and wishes for the future in fertile soil. Now!

LibraLIBRA: Your career takes a turn for the better with a chance to carry more responsibility for a much greater reward. Ask: Do you light up in a smile when you think of your life work? This is the time to take a risk.

ScorpioSCORPIO: Take your mind, body or spirit somewhere it’s never been before – meditate, travel, read, learn. Ask: are you holding yourself back from your real dreams? Best not, as chance of a life time offers pour in.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Intimacy and intensity is what will light your fire now. Go ahead and take a leap in the dark. Ask: are you playing it safe with your emotions? Express, purge. Make room for incoming love.

CapricornCAPRICORN: Partnership is the focus and you will benefit by assessing the relationships in your life. Ask: do you feel free to be who you are? Time to connect to the part of you that is brilliantly authentic and true.

AquariusAQUARIUS: Putting energy into the body, health and physical well being brings great results! Ask: are you getting enough exercise every day? It’s time to listen to your body, really listen, and respond.

piscesPISCES: Creativity springs from a well of romance. Write, play, choreograph, sing, act. Ask: are you allowing for love in your heart? Be ready to let the inner child out and the opportunities in!

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Happy Solstice, Everyone!