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‘In the Forest of Arden’ by John collier. Oil on canvas.

The month of July begins with the ongoing Mercury Retrograde.

Remember the most supportive approach is to reflect on the thoughts, actions and events experienced in the house where you find 13 – 23 degrees of Cancer. Put some quiet, nurturing focus there, and practice the art of Self-compassion. The more you treat yourself with reverence and care, the more the world blossoms around you.

On the 4th, the sun squares Uranus as the moon moves into Gemini. Expect some sudden, unexpected news that has your eyes popping. By the end of the first week, the Moon is conjunct Mars and any repressed emotions are likely to roil around with potential eruptions. Better out than in, but it’s a dark moon, just before the new. If you have to vent, take some time to identify what the real issue is. Hint: It’s more than meets the eye.

The New Moon is on July 8th/9th. Set clear and powerful intentions, especially in the house where you find 16 degrees of Cancer, and remember, that’s where Mercury is transiting Rx right now. This is not an area of life you want to ignore.

LA – Monday    12: 15
NY – Monday    15:15
LON – Monday  20:15
SYD – Tuesday  05:15

Saturn also goes direct on the 8th meaning events from mid-November 2012 rise up for resolution. You may feel yourself flung back into energies of that time, or perhaps you see those events with a new clarity. Either way, you gain new resolve and strength, and move on!

Mars glides into the signs of Cancer on the 13th, bringing even more heat to this area of your chart. Taking an active, pioneering approach to love, nurturing and self-care is the go. It’s like you become a warrior of love. Troubadour even. By the time Moon gets to Libra, July 14th – 16th, all relationships are put to the test. Use these results to make action plans for the future. What do you really want here?

Uranus turns retrograde on the 17th. This may be felt in the house where you find 12 Aries. Don’t panic if there is a wee setback. It only means you can move forward soon from an even stronger position. Jupiter trines Neptune on the 18th, a brilliant combinations for all artistry, creative expression, spiritual growth, travel and expansion. Hold off on doing the taxes until after the 21st. It’s not an analytical vibe. Romantic notions can be fun though. Explore.

NOTE: Saturn trines Neptune on the 19th, but basically it’s in play all of July. This is about making ‘real’ (Saturn) your biggest dreams and longings (Neptune). Feel the inspiration here, and appreciate how far you have already come!

Mercury turns direct on the 20th/21st, but give the messenger of the gods a few days to get the momentum up. By August 4th, he’s out of the Rx ‘zone’ and ready to rock.

Celebrate the full moon @00 Aquarius on the 22nd, just as the Sun goes into Leo, and Venus into Virgo. Mars also conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer, a once every 12 year event! It will feel like a changing of the guards, new energy and new enthusiasm. Go! Go! Go!

By the time Moon is in Aries on the 27th, you will be looking to ditch any plans that aren’t panning out. Sun square Saturn on the 28th is a serious vibe. Watch the self-talk. If you don’t support ‘you’, who will? It begins as an inside job, so model the behaviors you want to experience in life by being that to yourself!

The Month winds down with Moon in Taurus trine Pluto, an excellent $$ vibe, and supportive of ‘taking care of business,’ including sensual pursuits. Venus trines Pluto on the 30th/31st! Don’t be shy. Do make a wish!

Have a wonderful month, everyone. Comments and insights welcome!

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