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Girl Warrior by Shurjo

Thank you everyone for jumping in with your comments and posts! The WINNER of the draw is Shell! Congratulations and please email me your postal address so I can pop your book in the mail. xxxKim

Hi everyone,  Is this Jupiter or what? I’m amped sky high! So excited about a new series I’m writing. SYKED, you might say, and that isn’t because the main character’s name is Ava Sykes. This is all pure and natural adrenaline coursing through my bloodstream, keeping me up late at night and launching me out of bed at dawn. What a kick! This is the kind of thing that happens when a story takes hold, and won’t let go. Who needs coffee? I’m already out of this freaking world, over the moon!

I’m not supposed to say much. Right, like that’s going to happen. Here is the blurb for book one, and my working titles.

Series Title: Eyes of a Demon  (Ava Sykes Novel)

Book #1 The Blood in the Beginning
Book #2 The Saint in the Sacrifice
Book #3 The Savior in the Sea

When a girl with unexplained powers uncovers her past, she falls head first into a world darker than any imagined.  

* * *

Book #1 The Blood in the Beginning (Ava Sykes Novel)

Some things are better left buried . . .

When a tall man dressed in Armani, smelling of cologne and faintly of blood, tells Ava Sykes, twenty-four, student by day, bouncer by night, they’re hiring at a new club, she’s glad for the tip. The job looks promising, until the place turns into an underworld so dark it’s all she can do to keep from screaming. Ava runs like hell, killing the muscle they send to stop her. But when his body disappears before her eyes, Ava’s sure she’s losing her mind. The stalkers don’t give up, and she finds herself in the hospital, under the care of Dr Miguel Rossi, a man who reveals her origins – Ava Sykes is the half-blood child of a Shen Mar, the vampiric race entombed beneath the sea. Shocked to the core, Ava searches for her birth mother, and the truth, but time’s running out.

The police want to arrest her, the Shen want to kill her and Miguel wants to awaken her powers. Ava used to dream of knowing where she came from; now she’d give anything to forget . . .

* * *

To celebrate this new vision, I’m giving away a signed copy of The Spell of Rosette, (or for my 11th house readers, any of my 8 novels. You choose!)

Just pop in a comment about the last thing that had you SYKED and your name will go in the hat.

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