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Mercurio Contra Flashby ~namorsubmariner

ASTRO-LOA FLASH: Mercury is officially direct! Think of this energy as your guide, like a numinous familiar who has taken you back into your ‘imagined past’ (ie memories). The last three weeks may have stirred old feelings, both confronting and comforting.

Now you take what you have gleaned and move forward with a whole heart. But give the quick silver planet time to rev up. By Monday, ambiguous events start to fall into place, and by Aug 3rd, it’s all systems GO!

Chart below from Retrograde Cycles and Stations @CafeAstrology.com

09 Jun 2013 08:54 pm 13CA22′ MERCURY Enters Rx Zone
26 Jun 2013 09:03 am 23CA07’Rx MERCURY Stationary Retrograde
20 Jul 2013 02:17 pm 13CA22′ MERCURY Stationary Direct
03 Aug 2013 07:49 pm 23CA07′ MERCURY Leaves Rx Zone

Check now where 13 degrees of Cancer is in your natal horoscope (comment if you need help) and set some intentions on what you want to experience in this area of your chart/life.

Celebrate, appreciate and explore! xxxKim

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