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Beham, (Hans) Sebald (1500-1550): Fortuna.

August begins with a feisty Mars/Jupiter opposite Pluto square Uranus. It’s a vibe for the whole month as multiple planets and asteroids* in the sign of Cancer keep their fingers on the trigger. What to expect?

The very best change you desire!You want to get intentional with this!

It’s supercharged energy! Whatever you have to do – holy moly – you get it done. If there are no tasks at hand, I recommend exercising your butt off. This is rocket fuel in the tank. Sit on it, and something might explode!

One proviso for the whole month: avoid rushing blindly or forcing things, especially when operating heavy machinery/ working with sharp objects. Go with mindful awareness and power productivity!

The New Moon is on the 6/7th lights up the Leonian sky, joined by asteroid Apollo, lord of light and Mercury into Leo on the 8th. The shift is toward creative self expression, in an ‘open mic’ kind of way. Every moment is an opportunity to play, recreate and speculate on how things can get better and better. Set your intentions with the aim to release shackles and be the real you!

Mercury is trine Uranus on the 15th. Put up your lightning rod and catch those genius ideas. Pitch, launch, pull the trigger on any new enterprise. It’s magical. Venus follows the next day with an ingress into Libra, her power sign. She’s at home here, offering support in relationships, artistic expression, romance (which isn’t quite the same thing as relationship) and sensual abundance. Think elegant, articulate, commanding.

The Full Moon @28 Aquarius on the 20th pulls in Mercury and Neptune, potentially a trickster combo that coincides with surprise. If you practice more ‘mindful awareness,’ new insights will pop up in the form of synchronicities. Jupiter squares Aquarius ruler Uranus, so whatever you’ve been holding back could fly off the handle. Let her rip! It’s not good to repress Mother Nature (ie you).

The Sun glides into Virgo on the 22nd and on his heels, Mercury, messenger of the gods, follows. Where ever you have Virgo in your chart, the light switches on. Get practical, analytical, sensual and discerning here. Oh, and organized. You’ll be very busy in this area of life!

The month winds down with Mars into Leo on the 27th, triggering all the creative, flamboyant, abundant and generous energy of the heart. Ideas you had earlier in the month, around the 8th, give or take 3 days either side, are resurfacing. Nurture them for a launch in September. How can things get even better? Muse on that!

Have a wonGoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlderful month, everyone! xxKim

If you want to learn more about Astrology and Deliberate creation, join us at GoodVibeAstrology.com.

*Over the Month, we have Moon, Pallas Athene, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in Cancer, along with asteroids Io and Lilith! Crowded house