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Hygeia by Gustav von Klimt

The call is up on GoodVibeAstrology with links to both sample charts (scroll down to the bottom for ‘Free Monthly Call – August’) for those who couldn’t dial in.

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Welcome the sun into the sign of Virgo on August 22, as he lights up a new sector of the sky. This is a time to celebrate the Qi energy in each one of us, and honor the Virgo side of life!

Think of the sun as a representation of your purpose, path and power, the process of individuation. In astrology, the sun embodies distinction, identity and the ability to go forth and shine in the world. In mythology, archetypes of the sun, Ra, Apollo, Sekhmet, rule healing, vitality, identity, distinction, power and destiny.

As the sun transits through your chart, taking 12 months to traverse all 12 signs, you can track the illumination of each area of life. With sun into Virgo, it is the Virgo sector of your chart that receives these warm and healing rays. Perfect timing to tune into your health, fitness, diet and ritual routine.

Where we find Virgo in the horoscope is where we need to analyze and discriminate, keeping what is valuable and eliminating what is not. Virgo by house is an area of life were we need to be organized, refine our purpose through talents, skills and abilities and use our vibrant nervous energy in creative and productive ways.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, quicksilver messenger of the gods. Mercury oversees communications of all kinds, commerce, teaching, learning, expression through the written or spoken word and objective observation. It is Virgo’s link with Mercury that gives extra zest and vigor, making it the most lively and inquisitive of the Earth signs. Virgo also expresses Mercury’s aptitude for efficiency, systematic organization and the hard work necessary to turn thoughts into language, interchange and effective expertise. Obviously, where the sun is transiting in Virgo, you want to get your act together! It’s where you want to ‘decide’.

Think of Virgo as symbolic of the possibility to learn and transform oneself through a personal ‘crisis’— that’s CRISIS, from the Greek KRINEIN, to separate, distinguish, decide.

Dane Rudhyar puts it like this: A decision is the act of accepting to become different from what one has been—thus the acceptance of change and self transformation.

The operant words are Change and Self-transformation. After all, Virgo is a mutable sign. That means fluid and transforming! With sun in this sector, we get lose and easy with choice, change and quicksilver decisions. We amp up our respect of the body through healthy choices of food, exercise and rest. Also this is an area of skill development where we can become masterful, capable and wise.

If you want to explore where Virgo is in your chart and how the transit of the sun for the next 30 days can light up your life, tune in to GoodVibeAstrology on Talkshoe, where Jeannette Maw and I will be exploring these ideas and taking questions.

See you there!

August 19/20th
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