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‘Fall to Pieces’ by Intano

Astro-LOA FLASH: The Sun into Virgo, over Draconic Moon/Uranus, makes for an exhilarating week, rocket fueled.

You will have liftoff!

What’s activated is not only the usual buzz of illumination in an area of life that has remained shadowed for the last twelve months, but ‘radical change’ as you break out of old paradigms and conditioning and get on with the business of being completely you.

Eggs to omelets everyone!

What is this ‘Draconic’ business all about? It’s the ‘dragon zodiac,’ another way of calculating the position of the planets from Aries to Pisces. I like to think of it as the silk lining underneath the coats we wear – a kind of ‘soul expression’ that stays hidden, unless the wind kicks up.


Transit Horoscope with Draconic and Tropical Zodiac

And this weekend, she does!

LOA Tips to leverage this energy include:

1) Awareness (notice what you are feeling, tolerating, or focusing on. Basically, pay attention to what you are vibrating.

2) Body check (feel where your body is communicating to you via aches or pains. What’s not ‘right’ with her?

3) Open your eyes (there are buried treasures all around. It’s up to you to spot them, and

4) Appreciate!

What’s the theme here? Dare to break out of the thoughts that have confined you, expand consciousness, and be MORE of who you are.

Note: Where is 0-2 Virgo in your chart? It’s all going on THERE!

Have fun!